How To Support A Friend In Difficult Times

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How To Support A Friend In Difficult Times
How To Support A Friend In Difficult Times

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Grief or life's troubles can test how close you are to your friends. Support in difficult times is what you expect from real friends, and they are from you. Not only the closeness and trust of the relationship, but even the further continuation of friendship depends on understanding and mutual assistance.

How to support a friend in difficult times
How to support a friend in difficult times


Step 1

Do not pester your friend with annoying questions in a difficult situation. Many people tend to withdraw into themselves when there is intense emotional grief. Therefore, all requests "tell me what happened" will only cause indignation on the part of the sufferer. The main thing is that you notice the friend's anxiety and emotional distress. If he cannot immediately tell you about the reasons for his condition, do not impose your communication on him, but just be there.

Step 2

Let your friend feel your support, even if you can't help with advice. It is important for a person in grief, grief, or disappointment to know that they are not alone. You can be nearby or offer to help in everyday life. Be calm and level-headed. If one person is experiencing, the other should give him a sense of calm and strength.

Step 3

Be prepared to listen to your friend. When the first strongest emotions are dulled, it is important for a person to speak out, express their experiences, feelings, fears - everything that has accumulated in his soul. Do not interfere with his speech, do not interrupt, it is better to make a soothing herbal tea, or just hug and sit next to him. It is very important at this moment to give your friend the opportunity to tell all the details and reasons for his grief.

Step 4

After listening to him, assess the situation soberly. There is a reasonable way out of any troubles in life, as well as all problems have solutions. It's easier to think about a calm, sober head, so your friend needs your help and thoughtful advice. Prompt only real actions, do not fantasize that everything will work out by itself. Tips should be practical and specific.

Step 5

Do not give negative assessments of what is happening, do not condemn the actions of a friend that caused trouble in his life. Now he needs help and support, criticism in such a situation is inappropriate, save it for another case.

Step 6

Distract your friend from problems. If you can't get him to a noisy party (which is not always appropriate), then go to the cinema together or just take a walk in the park. The person will feel your concern and the fact that his feelings and state of mind worry you.

Step 7

Don't let your friend get depressed for a long time. This is very bad for health in general. Provide him with psychological help, talk about the fact that everyone in life has unpleasant situations that make people stronger. Real difficulties and troubles are life experiences. You should not give up, you need to overcome all the bad and strive for the best.

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