How To Pay For "Petroelectrosbyt"

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How To Pay For "Petroelectrosbyt"
How To Pay For "Petroelectrosbyt"

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Payment of utilities is the responsibility of any tenant. However, some people, due to their employment, may have problems with timely deposit of funds. Therefore, many companies providing these services, for example, Petroelektrosbyt in St. Petersburg, have developed several payment methods for the convenience of consumers.

How to pay
How to pay

It is necessary

  • - account number;
  • - meter readings;
  • - money to pay for electricity.


Step 1

Take readings from your meter. There is enough information for today, the indicators of the last month can not be saved - the data on the last payment is saved in the Petroelectrosbyt database.

Step 2

Visit one of the Payment Acceptance Centers created by Petroelektrosbyt. To find out the address of such an institution closest to your home, go to the "Electrosbyt" website, from the main page go to the "Payment Acceptance Centers" section. In this section, you can find the center in two ways - either on a city map, or in the form of a list divided by districts.

When you come to Petroelektrosbyt, take a queue at one of the windows accepting payments. When your turn comes, tell me your address, last name, first name and patronymic of the responsible payer, as well as the meter reading. Do not forget to receive a receipt after payment. Save it as proof of payment.

Step 3

If Petroelektrosbyt branches are far from you, you can pay for electricity through a bank. Only in this case you will need a personal account number, which can be found on one of the receipts for payment for the previous months.

Step 4

Also, if you know your average electricity consumption per month, you can, by opening a bank account, issue a regular monthly transfer of a certain amount. In this case, you will not need to go to the bank every month. But with such a payment system, it is better to overpay a little, so that if in some month your meter readings are higher than usual, you do not have to pay penalties for insufficient payment for electricity.

Step 5

If your bank provides Internet banking services, you can pay for Petroelectrosbyt's services remotely. To do this, go to your personal account on the bank's website and make a money transfer to your personal electricity account. If you have any difficulties, call your bank's customer support team.

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