Elizaveta Boyarskaya: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Elizaveta Boyarskaya: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Elizaveta Boyarskaya: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Elizaveta Boyarskaya: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Elizaveta Boyarskaya: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Video: Солнышко! Елизавета Боярская наконец-то показала подросшего младшего сына 2023, September

Elizaveta Boyarskaya has already proved everything to everyone. Films with her participation are released annually. Elizabeth continues to work in the theater. She was able to win a place in the acting workshop. And she did not achieve this with the help of a well-known surname. Talent, determination and perseverance played a huge role in Elizabeth's success.

Actress Elizavet Boyarskaya
Actress Elizavet Boyarskaya

Elizaveta Boyarskaya for a long time could not get out of the shadow of her own father. It took a lot of effort to cope with this task. At first, not only the audience was skeptical about the actress, but also the actors with whom Lisa worked on the same set. However, numerous roles in performances and films have convinced that the girl is talented.

short biography

Elizabeth was born on December 20. This event took place in 1985 in the Northern capital of Russia. Dad - People's Artist Mikhail Boyarsky. Mom - People's Artist Larisa Luppian. In addition to Lisa, another child was brought up in the family. Brother's name is Sergei. He is 6 years older than Lisa.

From an early age, the girl was surrounded by a creative atmosphere. Almost all of the relatives were actors. The brother of our heroine also decided to follow the path of his parents. He first appeared on the screen at the age of 4. The next shooting took place only 8 years later.

Unlike Sergei, Elizabeth did not plan to become an actress. Filming in films and the theater scene did not appeal to her. Most of all I was interested in dancing. She enrolled in a choreographic circle. For more than 10 years, Elizabeth was fond of classical dances. In addition to visiting a circle, she studied at a model school.

Actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya
Actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya

By chance, she found herself on the set when she was 15 years old. One day the phone rang at home. Our heroine answered. When asked to invite Mikhail Sergeevich to the phone, she replied that he was not at home. Then the interlocutor offered Lisa a role in the motion picture. And the girl agreed. She got her debut role in the film "Keys to Death". A talented girl appeared before the audience in the guise of a drug addict Alice.

Having gained acting experience, Elizabeth decided that a career in cinema was not for her. The desire to appear in films did not appear.


As a child, Elizabeth was in no hurry to please star parents with good grades. Education for her was not in the first place. I paid all attention to hobbies. However, over time, everything has changed. Already in high school, Elizabeth not only caught up with her peers, but also surpassed them in academic performance. Tutors helped her in this.

While at school, the girl often organized events and parties. And she did it with ease. However, Elizabeth did not even think that acting talent was manifested in this way. She believed that her vocation was journalism. The girl even attended appropriate courses.

However, while preparing for entering the university, she suddenly realized that journalism was completely uninteresting to her. But performances on the theatrical stage bring a lot of positive emotions. For the first time thoughts about acting career came to the girl during the opening of the "Theater on Mokhovaya".

Having decided to enter drama school, the girl immediately informed her star parents about her desire. Neither Mikhail nor Larisa began to dissuade their daughter. However, they told her about all the difficulties that would have to face. The frank conversation did not frighten Elizabeth. In a few months she prepared for exams and successfully entered the theater academy.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya
Elizaveta Boyarskaya

The famous surname played a negative role. Instead of the prescribed 10 minutes, the tests lasted about an hour. The girl successfully completed all the tasks. At SPbGATI, our heroine studied under the guidance of Lev Dodin. Purposeful, persistent and strong-willed girl became the best on the course.

Theater life

During her studies, Elizabeth took the stage. She masterfully coped with the role of Goneril in the play "King Lear". She approached the performance responsibly. She demonstrated all her skills, thanks to which she received the first theater award. Elizabeth was awarded the Golden Soffit.

After receiving her diploma, the actress got a job at the Maly Drama Theater. She has played in a huge number of performances. She got different roles, so the young actress had to demonstrate all facets of her talent.

At the present stage, Elizabeth is entering the stage not only at the Maly Drama Theater. Her play can be seen at other venues as well. For the entire time of her performances on the theater stage, Elizabeth received several awards, among which it is worth highlighting the "Crystal Turandot" and the Vladislav Strzhelchik Prize.

Success in cinematography

A career in cinema also became successful. At first, Elizabeth starred exclusively in minor episodes. She appeared mainly in action films and multi-part films. In 2004 she gained experience in a foreign project. Lisa starred in the movie "Bunker". In the German-Italian film, our heroine played a nurse named Erna.

The first success came a year later. Elizabeth was invited to star in the movie "The First After God". She played a girl named Tanya. Together with her, such actors as Dmitry Orlov, Vladimir Gostyukhin and Nina Ruslanova worked on the set.

In 2005, the film "One's Own Another's Life" was released. Elizabeth appeared in front of the audience in the form of Françoise Faberge. Subsequently, the actress has repeatedly stated that she likes to act in costumed historical projects, tk. she does not consider herself a modern girl.

A year later, Elizabeth, together with her father, starred in the film "You will not leave me." She appeared before the audience in the form of Verochka. The role became very difficult for Elizabeth. She had to play an eccentric heroine whose mood is constantly changing. Therefore, before filming, she constantly wound herself up, achieved the maximum emotional intensity. In addition, Elizabeth had to dye her hair red. However, the actress stated that for the sake of participating in an interesting project she was even ready to shave her head.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Anatoly Bely
Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Anatoly Bely

The filmography of Elizabeth Boyarskaya includes such films as "Stormy Gates", "Irony of Fate. Continuation”,“Admiral”,“I won't tell”,“Five brides”,“Match”. The girl is also filmed in serial film projects. You can see her in such series as "The Bounty Hunters" and "The Crow". For the sake of filming in the movie "Admiral", the talented actress turned down the role in the sequel to "The Three Musketeers", in which she was offered the role of D'artanyan's daughter. Together, the audience saw Lyanka Gryu.

Elizabeth also starred in the music video. You can see her in Valery Meladze's video for the song "Heaven". Lisa played the singer's beloved. In some scenes, she appeared in a rather frank form.

In January 2018, Elizabeth received the Golden Eagle. The award was brought to the girl by the role of Anna Karenina. In the same year, the actress conquered another peak - she became an honored artist. And for her role in the film series "The Crow" Elizabeth was named "Best Actress".

Life off the set

They started talking about the personal life of Elizaveta Boyarskaya during her studies. She met with her classmate Danila Kozlovsky. However, the romance did not last long. Mikhail Boyarsky played a significant role in the separation. He believed that the young man, unknown at that time, was not a worthy candidate.

Mikhail did not approve of the relationship with Sergei Chonishvili. This romance also fell apart very quickly. However, this time Mikhail did not like too much of the age difference. The artist did not like Pavel Polyakov either.

During the filming of the film "I Will Not Tell", an acquaintance with the actor Maxim Matveyev took place. For a long time, the relationship was kept secret. After all, Maxim had a wife - Yana Sexte. But after a while Maxim and Yana divorced. Relations with Lisa now did not interfere. The wedding took place in 2010. Two years later, Lisa gave birth. The son was named Andrey. In 2018, the actress gave birth to her second child. Happy parents decided to name their son Grisha.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya with her family
Elizaveta Boyarskaya with her family

The press has repeatedly tried to separate Elizabeth and Maxim. However, all the rumors were false. Actors are happy in a relationship, although they rarely see each other. Maxim spends a lot of time in Moscow, where he starred in films. Elizaveta works in a theater in St. Petersburg.

The attention of film lovers and fans is attracted not only by her personal life, but also by a popular girl. A scar on his cheek appeared at a young age. As a child, she jerked unsuccessfully when her mother held her in her arms. As a result, I touched the lamp, which fell and shattered. One of the fragments hurt the baby's cheek. Elizabeth never tried to get rid of the scar. She considers him to be her highlight.

Elizabeth has an Instagram account. However, the actress does not often upload photos. The girl believes that fans should not know everything about the artist. Otherwise, he will become uninteresting.