Aleinikova Arina Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Aleinikova Arina Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Aleinikova Arina Petrovna: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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In the history of world cinema, one can easily find the happy and tragic fates of actors and their children. Arina Petrovna Aleinikova is the daughter of a popular actor who was known and loved by all citizens of the Soviet Union.

Arina Aleinikova
Arina Aleinikova

Happy childhood

At all times, acting dynasties have been acclaimed by the community of viewers and critics. Although there have always been skeptics who wrinkled their nose when discussing specific persons and surnames. Arina Petrovna Aleinikova was born on August 30, 1943 in the family of a famous Soviet film actor. At that time, all the leading film studios of the Soviet Union were in evacuation. The hospitable city of Tashkent sheltered the artists and technical staff. The child spent a year and a half here.

In childhood, Arina rarely saw her father. He worked a lot and visited at home. He always brought gifts to his beloved daughter and eldest son. The girl was raised by her mother and grandmother. She was always taken as an example of a father whom all the neighbors knew. Arina studied well at school. She was not listed as an excellent student, but she did well in all subjects. When it came time to choose a profession, she did not feel any special doubts. The decision was unambiguous - with such a surname, you must definitely become an artist.

Professional activity

It is important to note that Arina grew up as a proud and vulnerable girl. Naturally, she dreamed of a brilliant film career. After the tenth grade, Aleinikova decided to get an acting education at the Moscow VGIK. She independently prepared for the entrance exams and categorically refused the help of her star father. She passed all the tests without a hitch. School days began. Arina tried not to miss classes and diligently did all her homework.

The talented student was noticed and invited to the shooting of the film "The Living and the Dead". In terms of its significance and public resonance, the picture turned out to be in demand by the audience. Despite the fact that Arina's role was episodic, critics noted her play and organic embodiment in the image. Then she "flashed" in the frame of the youth comedy "I walk in Moscow". This is the usual path to the profession for an aspiring actress. A year later Aleinikova played a prominent role in the film "Welcome, or No Unauthorized Entry".

Essays on personal life

After graduating from the institute, Aleinikova was accepted into the staff of the Mosfilm film studio. The actress did not have much room for creativity, but she was regularly invited to the shooting. The biography of the actress says that she took part in the creation of a documentary film about her father. This happened in 1974. Arina's personal life did not go well for a long time. The directors began to forget her.

One of the last films filmed at home was "The Man with the Accordion". In the mid-1980s, the husband and wife decided to move permanently to the United States. Friends helped them to draw up the necessary documents. Since that moment, there is very little information about the life of Arina Aleinikova. In Russia, no one is interested in how the daughter of a famous Soviet actor lives. It is only known that she does not act in films. As they say, love has passed.

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