The Most Famous Performers Of Bard Songs

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The Most Famous Performers Of Bard Songs
The Most Famous Performers Of Bard Songs

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In ancient times, bards were called storytellers who glorified the heroic deeds of warriors. Bards enjoyed great respect among the people, their personality was inviolable. Modern bards continue the traditions of itinerant singers, singing their songs with a guitar in the woods by the fire. However, the bard song has long taken its place on the stage.

The most famous performers of bard songs
The most famous performers of bard songs


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Vladimir Vysotsky is rightfully recognized as the most beloved and popular bard among the people. As a professional actor, Vysotsky had an amazing ability to “get used to” the content of his songs so deeply that it seemed that he himself was a direct participant in the events he was talking about in them. Such are his works about the war or about mountaineering. Vysotsky's humorous songs are also very funny and, at the same time, filled with deep meaning.

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The second most popular author and performer of his own songs is Alexander Rosenbaum. The former ambulance doctor, thanks to the originality and originality of creativity, gained fame throughout the country and the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Perhaps the most famous Rosenbaum song is "Waltz Boston".

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The works of Bulat Okudzhava are distinguished by a special lyrical penetration and the highest quality of poetic texts. In addition to performing original songs, he wrote books, worked a lot for theater and cinema. The creative union of Bulat Okudzhava and composer Isaak Schwartz presented such wonderful songs to grateful listeners as "Your Honor", "Drops of the Danish King", "Cavalier Guards, the Century Is Not Long …". Author's songs by Okudzhava helped to create an amazing atmosphere of Moscow in the 50s in Mikhail Kazakov's film "Pokrovskie Vorota".

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Among the founders of the author's song, an honorable place belongs to the author-performer, actor and journalist Yuri Vizbor. His compositions have always been distinguished by melody and special tenderness. Vizbor's songs such as "My dear", "You are my only", "Get up, count", "Lucy" and many others are widely known.

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The fate of Alexander Galich was tragic. Due to a conflict with the authorities, he was forced to emigrate from the USSR, his death in Paris is still surrounded by numerous rumors and speculation, and songs and other works were banned for a long time. The drama of the forced emigrant is most vividly reflected in his famous song "When I Return …".

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Full romance, and sometimes deeply dramatic works by Viktor Berkovsky "Grenada", "To the music of Vivaldi", "Remember, guys!", "Take me across the Maidan" and many others have become classics of bardic songs.

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The duet of Tatiana and Sergei Nikitin was very popular among the performers of bard songs. The works of Sergei Nikitin, filled with lyricism, gained fame largely thanks to the cinema. His song "Alexandra" from the Oscar-winning film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" has long been popular. The voice of Sergei Nikitin sounds in the cult film by Eldar Ryazanov "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!"

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The works of the Chelyabinsk bard Oleg Mityaev are distinguished by a special sincerity and sincere friendliness. It is not without reason that he is the author of a kind of anthem of the bard movement "How wonderful that we are all gathered here today!"

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