How To Organize A Gallery

How To Organize A Gallery
How To Organize A Gallery

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In order for works of art to become available to the general public, a large-scale exhibition must be held. Therefore, most artists are looking for a suitable gallery to present their work.

How to organize a gallery
How to organize a gallery

It is necessary

  • - premises;
  • - paintings;
  • - advertising;
  • - special guests;
  • - sofas and plasma TV.


Step 1

If you want to organize your gallery, then, first of all, choose a suitable location. To attract many visitors to the expositions, open a gallery in the central area of ​​the city or in a large shopping center, where hundreds of people visit every day.

Step 2

Advertise your gallery in the media, internet and transport. Distribute tickets for the opening ceremony, be sure to invite cultural workers.

Step 3

Due to the high attendance, you will quickly recoup your expenses, and you will receive more and more new offers from novice artists. After all, it is extremely important for them to acquaint as many people as possible with their work.

Step 4

Make sure that your gallery becomes not only a temple of art, but also a place where people can communicate and develop. Let every visit to the exhibition turn into a little adventure for your guests.

Step 5

The main task of the gallery is to showcase paintings. But when this is all limited, for adults and especially children, art becomes a burden. To avoid this, equip a gallery in the gallery for master classes, where eminent artists will share the secrets of their craft with visitors.

Step 6

From time to time invite musicians whose work resonates with the theme of the exhibited paintings. For example, if the next exposition is dedicated to America of the 50s, then invite jazz musicians to its opening. Music will help create the appropriate atmosphere and transport your guests to the United States of the mid-20th century.

Step 7

Make your visit to the gallery not only interesting, but also comfortable. Set up comfortable plush sofas in case some of the older visitors get tired and want to sit down.

Step 8

In winter, open your wardrobe so that guests do not carry down jackets and fur coats in their hands.

Step 9

Hang a plasma panel on one of the walls, which will broadcast the latest news from the art world, upcoming events, a photo report from previous exhibitions.

Step 10

But, most importantly, in every possible way demonstrate to people who come to you that every visitor is important to you. Start with the "Welcome" sign at the entrance and further stimulate the desire to return to you with personalized discount cards, congratulatory letters to regular customers.

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