How To Behave At A Gas Station In

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How To Behave At A Gas Station In
How To Behave At A Gas Station In

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There are a number of special safety rules at the gas station, the implementation of which reduces the risk of emergencies. Gas equipment poses an even greater danger, so it is better to entrust the refueling to the service personnel.

How to behave at a gas station
How to behave at a gas station


Step 1

Propane-butane used for refueling is an explosive gas. Disembark all passengers before entering the gas station. Get out of the vehicle before refueling. Make sure that access to the filling device is free, the gas must freely penetrate into the car's cylinder.

Step 2

In some cases, an adapter must be connected. Do not connect or remove the clamp, the filling nozzle and do not touch the column by yourself. The engine can be turned on only after the fuel nozzle has been disconnected and the plug has been returned to its place. Under no circumstances should a car with LPG equipment be refueled with the ignition on.

Step 3

Before refueling, make sure that the tank of the car is in order and does not have any faults or an overdue certification. Examine the clamp carefully. It must also be in good condition and not skewed. Eliminate any malfunctions of the gas cylinder in a special workshop in a timely manner.

Step 4

Observe the queue, otherwise you may create confusion at the gas station, which will lead to unwanted conflicts. Out of turn, only fire brigades, ambulances, war veterans, police, people with disabilities of labor and war, emergency utilities and gas facilities can be serviced.

Step 5

Drive up to the dispenser only from the side of the fuel tank opening of your car, then you do not have to turn the car later. Stop scooters and motorcycles at least 15 meters away from the speakers. Turn off the engine before refueling.

Step 6

The distance between your vehicle and other vehicles must be at least one meter. Bus passengers must leave the territory of the gas station before refueling.

Step 7

Do not smoke at the gas station. Please note that vehicles are prohibited from refueling during atmospheric discharges. Your car should be free of any dangerous cargo (pesticides, explosive gas, and more). After refueling, clean your vehicle of possible residues of oil products, only after that you can start the engine.

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