How To Live On 20 Thousand

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How To Live On 20 Thousand
How To Live On 20 Thousand

Video: How To Live On 20 Thousand

Video: How To Live On 20 Thousand
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Often, favorite and socially significant work does not bring a lot of income. Teachers, rescuers, doctors or social workers today cannot be proud of high salaries. However, recognition in the profession, dedication to the cause and respect of colleagues bring satisfaction, regardless of the level of remuneration. However, on the average Russian salary of 20 thousand you can live without any problems.

How to live on 20 thousand
How to live on 20 thousand

It is necessary

  • - a notebook for recording expenses;
  • - the Internet;
  • - bank account.


Step 1

Get a notebook for analyzing and planning your expenses. Within a month, write down all your expenses in detail, down to the smallest detail. If you bought products, then write down the details of the cost of each item. Collect all checks and receipts.

Review your spending at the end of the month. If you didn't have enough money for the essentials, you are clearly not spending rationally. See if the purchases were clearly unfounded. For example, Coca-Cola at the mall or unnecessary beads from a sale. If such expenses occur too often, they need to be reduced. You may not even suspect how much it takes in a month for small purchases - from chocolates to cigarettes.

Step 2

Having received your salary, immediately pay all the obligatory expenses: utilities, Internet, mobile communications. Never put it off and create debt. This can take, on average, 25-30% of your salary.

If you have expenses that need to be paid annually or quarterly, set aside some of that amount each month. Create separate envelopes with the name of the expense item, for example, "OSAGO" or "real estate tax". Put a certain percentage of the total in them every month, and then your budget will not be affected by the due date.

Step 3

Spend no more than 25% of your salary on food. Avoid fast food and convenience foods. Give preference to cereals, soups, pastries, vegetable dishes. Learn to prepare healthy and healthy meals with simple ingredients.

Team up with neighbors or relatives to buy groceries at small wholesale markets or hypermarkets. Buy groceries, household goods, long-term storage products in large packages and divide them among all. The savings will turn out to be much more than meets the eye.

Step 4

Set aside 10-15% of your salary in a deposit account with a trusted bank. The amount of 2-3 thousand only seems insignificant. Even small savings will give you confidence. You can spend them on unforeseen circumstances, for example, in case of illness. And if you don’t withdraw this money during the year, then in the end you will be able to afford a trip to the sea or the purchase of large household appliances.

Step 5

The remaining 3-4 thousand you can spend on transport, clothing, interior items and entertainment. The main principle is a thoughtful attitude towards purchases. Stay on top of all sales and discounts. Exchange discount cards with your friends. But at the same time, control your purchases without purchasing unnecessary things just because of the reduced price.

Online orders will help you save up to 50% of the cost of any product. On many Internet forums, users unite for joint purchases in small wholesale online stores. So you can buy literally everything - from bed linen and cosmetics to stationery and books.

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