Why Is Life Abroad Good?

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Why Is Life Abroad Good?
Why Is Life Abroad Good?

Video: Why Is Life Abroad Good?

Video: Why Is Life Abroad Good?
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Living abroad has both disadvantages and advantages. The former include the constant need for socialization among the new environment, which, moreover, speaks a different language, and often has a different cultural and religious affiliation. The indisputable advantages of living abroad are gaining invaluable life experience, the opportunity to learn a new language and, as a result, increase the level of one's general development.

Why is life abroad good?
Why is life abroad good?

The list of the merits of living abroad does not end there. On the contrary, a long stay "over the hill" with the right approach opens up many opportunities for the emigrant to improve both spiritual and material life.

The ability to determine life guidelines

As a rule, the social status of an emigrant in a new country falls to an unusually low level. Therefore, life in another state, as a rule, has to start from scratch. Such moments provide an opportunity to think about what you would like to achieve and what to get rid of. Someone makes a choice in favor of the family, someone decides to pursue material well-being, someone gives themselves up to religion or begins to be more actively involved in sports.

Trying to start from scratch helps you understand what really matters in your life.

The opportunity to know yourself

Another country means new living conditions, a previously unknown culture and a different mentality. Sometimes, in order to achieve a set goal, you need to put in much more effort than would be required at home. Such life exams allow you to discover the limits of your personal qualities and open up new horizons for activity.

Opportunity to replenish your social capital

Living abroad is a great opportunity to meet new people. Acquired acquaintances abroad, together with friends and relatives who have remained at home, increase the so-called social capital of a person. The main thing is to learn to build harmonious relations with the environment, and then it will be able to learn in any situation, will act as a guarantor of social security, and this is highly appreciated at any time.

The ability to live in a warmer climate

For Russians, an advantage is important. Cold, harsh winters exhaust the body so much in just one season that the mere thought of spending at least a couple of years in the subtropics warms the soul more than a cup of hot tea. However, it should be borne in mind that the climate of hot countries near the sea is very humid.

Both winter and summer abroad can be very difficult to endure by the inhabitants of Russia, who are accustomed to much lower air humidity.

New opportunities for self-realization

For an emigrant in a new country, unless, of course, he was invited as a highly qualified specialist, at first it is difficult to find a job in a position corresponding to the Russian one. Often, especially at the very beginning of the journey, you have to perform low-skilled and poorly paid work. In order to be successful, you need to be in constant motion, to work harder than usual, to look for new activities. And if these searches end in success, then they, as a rule, lead to self-realization. At home, people do not often dare to change their familiar environment.

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