Why People Leave To Live Abroad In

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Why People Leave To Live Abroad In
Why People Leave To Live Abroad In

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Moving to another country is not just crossing the border, but also changing the usual way of life, language environment, climate, and profession. Despite the fact that this is a very difficult step, many people at all times tried to go abroad for one reason or another.

Why people leave to live abroad in 2017
Why people leave to live abroad in 2017

Money and security

The motives for which people may want to change their state of residence are very different, but in general they can be combined into several groups. Political motives often become the basis for departure, especially since many countries are loyal to political refugees or immigrants. Typically, leaving for political reasons involves persecution of a person in his or her home state for statements, beliefs or actions related to politics. This group also includes those who leave, fearing persecution for reasons of racial, social, religious hatred.

In 2013, a little more than thirty thousand people left the Russian Federation, while only one fifth of the population has foreign passports.

The second group includes people who go abroad for more prestigious jobs or high incomes, as well as scientists who believe that their country lacks the necessary conditions for scientific activity. As a rule, such migrants decide to leave, already having guarantees of employment in a new place.However, there are exceptions when people go abroad, only roughly imagining their future career.

Climate, curiosity and more

Some migrants change their place of residence due to uncomfortable climatic conditions. There are many countries on the globe where the average annual temperature does not drop below zero, which makes them very attractive for those who do not like frost. Someone is simply attracted by dreams of a warm and clean sea from advertising, while for others, climate change is a medical necessity.

In addition, people can go abroad not for permanent residence, but on a journey, which, however, can last for years. Moreover, the loyal visa policy of many states makes it possible to live abroad for a long time, periodically moving from place to place.

One of the most popular reasons forcing Russians to change their host country is the unfavorable environmental situation.

Finally, there is a complex motivation: if a person does not like work, laws, the level of corruption, the climate, the mentality of the inhabitants of the state, then he either experiences constant stress or decides to radically change everything and go abroad. However, moving is a rather complicated process that requires learning a foreign language, getting used to the culture of another country, its traditions, norms and even cuisine, therefore those who left in search of a better life do not find themselves in ideal conditions, but are forced to assimilate for a long time, before than feel like full citizens.

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