Ksenia Buravskaya: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Ksenia Buravskaya: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Ksenia Buravskaya: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Ksenia Buravskaya: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Ksenia Buravskaya: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Russian actress Ksenia Buravskaya began her career in America, but soon returned to Russia, where an interesting creative work awaited her. Over the years of her creative activity, the actress had a chance to appear in both domestic and foreign films. There were many movie stars among her partners on the set.

Ksenia Buravskaya and Boris Birman on the set of the series "Dear Masha Berezina"
Ksenia Buravskaya and Boris Birman on the set of the series "Dear Masha Berezina"

From the biography of Ksenia Alexandrovna Buravskaya

The future actress was born in Moscow on September 29, 1977. Ksenia's father is a famous screenwriter and director Alexander Buravsky. Buravskaya spent her early childhood in the USSR, after which she moved with her family to France. Ksenia graduated from high school there.

Subsequently, the girl moved with her father to the United States, where she studied at several theater studios. She studied at the famous Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and at the William Esper Studio School (New York).

In fact, her career as an actress began in Hollywood. However, in 2005, Ksenia returned to Russia. The reason for this was family circumstances and interesting proposals from filmmakers.

Film career

The films "Soon" and "Russians in the City of Angels" became his debut works in cinema for Buravskaya. After that, the actress was invited to shoot in the Russian films "Dear Masha Berezina" and "Bachelors". Her partners on the set at different times were Valery Nikolaev, Boris Birman, Dmitry Pevtsov and Marat Basharov.

Significant success came to Xenia after the release of the television series "Palmist" and the crime film "Ticket to the Harem". Here the actress tried on the central roles. These works were followed by roles in the projects "Russian remedy", "Frost on the skin". In the last of these pictures, the actress was busy in the title role. Xenia's partner is Hollywood actor Norman Reedus, the star of the popular TV series The Walking Dead.

In the biography of Buravskaya, there was also the experience of cooperation with other world stars. In the comedy Parisians, she starred with Pierre Richard, in the detective Joe - with Jean Reno. From time to time, the Russian actress was invited by foreign film studios. She was engaged in the French melodrama "Drink the Sea", in the thriller "Contagion" (USA), in the crime drama "Parisian Ties" (UK).

Among the works of Buravskaya in the national cinema, it should be noted the roles in the comedy "Cool Men", the melodrama "Open it up, it's me", in the movie "Moms". In 2015, Ksenia did not get the most significant role in the series "The Queen of Beauty", which shows the life of Soviet fashion models of the 60s of the last century.

Personal life of Ksenia Buravskaya

In 2005, the actress met an aspiring director and producer Klim Shipenko, because of whom she returned from the United States to the capital of Russia. Soon the young people got married. They lived together for about five years. However, the marriage did not work out. The couple broke up. Even the birth of a son did not become an obstacle to breaking off relations.

After the divorce, Buravskaya does not seek to advertise the details of her personal life. It is known that Ksenia did not officially marry for the second time. The actress spends most of the time in Moscow, but often travels to France, where her relatives live.