How To Get A Crowd

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How To Get A Crowd
How To Get A Crowd

The success of a concert depends entirely on the mood of the audience, so every performer or entertainer should have at least a minimum of skills in stock to get the crowd going.

How to get a crowd
How to get a crowd


Step 1

Watch the video. This is the best "theoretical" way to study behavior on stage. Looking through recordings of concerts of various genres, you can find common techniques in genres that are far from each other. This means that such elements are not only effective, but also versatile and reliable. For example, Freddie Mercury often raised his right hand, clenched in a fist - a gesture borrowed from political leaders speaking in front of huge crowds.

Step 2

Consider contingent and space. The fewer people will listen to you, the more individual approach you need to them. For example, performing at a hip-hop party in a club, you need to fully meet the expectations of the audience, coinciding with their idea of a real rap artist (a win-win option is to imitate popular musicians). On the other hand, speaking at the bottom of the city, one does not need to make a big emphasis on belonging to a subculture, but, on the contrary, try to be neutral.

Step 3

Don't go on stage alone. Even if you are singing to a phonogram, it makes sense to take a backing vocalist to the stage, who will not only make the sound more effective, but also share the psychological burden, will serve you as support and support. It is always easier for novice artists to perform as a group or at least as a duet - finding more people on the stage will also give dynamics to what is happening.

Step 4

Lead by example, do not be a "pillar". The viewer somehow becomes infected with the behavior and energy of the speaker. At all rock concerts, performers jump, beat guitars and shout into the microphone only to make the crowd want to throw their hands up and start jumping in place. Move; keep the rhythm of the song by waving your hands to the beat; do not go deep into the stage, but always stay close to the edge.

Step 5

Work with the audience. Especially if you are an entertainer. The template phrase "And now all together" is used not at all because the performer has forgotten the text, but in order to involve the audience in what is happening, to interest him. For example, Noize MC often plays mini-games at a concert. For example, he invites the audience to raise their hands and bend their fingers in time to the channel listing in the song "From the Window". The presenter of an open-air concert should demand applause from the crowd, ask how the mood is or make the crowd shout the name of the group in order to call them on stage ("Sne-hoo-rochka"). The golden rule: the more the viewer is involved in the show, the more comfortable he is.

Step 6

Don't try to create a crowd where you just don't need to. School "Minutes of Glory", evenings of the JKJ or simply concerts designed for a more mature audience have a completely different specificity of performances, a different mood. Therefore, if you perform at such events, it is better to concentrate on the song, on the quality of the material.

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