How To Thank In An Original Way

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How To Thank In An Original Way
How To Thank In An Original Way

Video: How To Thank In An Original Way

Video: How To Thank In An Original Way
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Sometimes I would like to thank a person in an original way for the service rendered. But, alas, fantasy at the right moment can fail, and you will only have to crumple nervously, saying “Thank you” in embarrassment. And although the expression of gratitude is already pleasant in itself, but I would like it to be unusual and reflect the depth of your gratitude and attention.

How to thank in an original way
How to thank in an original way

It is necessary

  • - knowledge of the tastes of the person you want to thank;
  • - flowers;
  • - postcard;
  • - oral gratitude with a sympathetic tone.


Step 1

There are many signs of attention that you can use to express your gratitude. This is the usual "thank you" and small little things that can cheer up a person and demonstrate your gratitude to him.

Step 2

Recently, musical greetings and congratulations have become very popular. If your friend is a music lover, order him a musical gift on the wave of your favorite radio. Musical greetings are not so popular for nothing, because they symbolize your attention and do not require any obligations, as is the case with tangible gifts. But at the same time, try so that the person at the right time hears your musical greetings: it would be a pity if he was unclaimed.

Step 3

Present a postcard and flowers - traditionally they are considered symbols of attention and respect. And although they are unlikely to seem original to many, this way of showing attention has been tested by time, which means it is deservedly appreciated. Agree, any woman will be pleased if she comes home or office and sees a bouquet of flowers or a beautiful rose with a thank you card. Do not forget to sign the postcard personally, write at least a couple of lines, because, despite the countless congratulations printed in the printing house, it is pleasant for a person to know that you have spent time on it and added something of your own to the words already written. And if you want to emphasize your special appreciation, make a card yourself. It is known that time is the most valuable thing we have, and the fact that you did not regret it for making a postcard with your own hands warms your soul more than a thousand words.

Step 4

Draw smiles on the balloons, sign wishes, soft toys and hearts with the words "thank you" is also a good idea to surprise a person and give him a good mood. However, consider the gender and age of the person here. It will be pleasant for a young girl, but for a man of age it is unlikely to suit.

Step 5

If you know what your benefactor is fond of, give him something to which he loves to devote his time: invite him to play bowling, paintball, present a book, etc.

Step 6

Give thanks using billboards and posters, the development of advertising has created many options for this kind of announcement, congratulations, etc. In this case, not only the person you want to thank, but the whole city will know about your gratitude. However, you can express your gratitude to the official by publishing in the local media, usually they are very flattered.

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