Actor Chatwin Justin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Actor Chatwin Justin: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Actor Chatwin Justin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Actor Chatwin Justin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Actor Chatwin Justin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Canadian actor Justin Chatwin in childhood and adolescence did not even think about the profession of an actor. The young man was enthusiastically engaged in photography and loved to ride his inexpensive motorcycle - the main thing was that there was a decent speed and the wind whistled in his ears.

At the same time, their family had rather strict rules by which all Catholics lived, and acting is not in their honor.

Actor Chatwin Justin: biography, career, personal life
Actor Chatwin Justin: biography, career, personal life

One day, a friend invited Justin to accompany him to an audition for a television show just to sit in the hallway. But the guy for a laugh went to the audition and … passed.

Justin Chatwin's biography

Justin Chatwin was born in Canada, in the city of Nanaimo in 1982. His father was an engineer - hence the interest in technology, apparently. And my mother gave her son the genes of an art lover - she was an artist, and quite talented.

Justin always behaved like a boy from a Catholic family, studied well, and was about to graduate. However, when he auditioned for Canadian television, he became interested to know what kind of new, unexplored world it was, into which he found himself so unexpectedly. And he and a friend took part in the series "Mysterious Ways".

It can be said that more out of inertia Chatwin went to university to get a commercial education. But even then, his craving for cinema was quite strong, and he enrolled in an acting studio to study there in parallel.

In the studio, they immediately began to give him roles, he started his studies at the university, and therefore dropped out to completely immerse himself in the study of dramatic art. With a little experience, Chatwin moved to Los Angeles and began his thorny path to fame.

At that moment, there were only small roles in his portfolio, but this did not bother him. Perhaps, if he had stayed in Canada, his fate would have been much easier, but Justin is not alien to ambition, and he was ready to fight for fame in America.

Career in cinema and theater

Naturally, no one was waiting for Chatwin in a foreign country to give him the lead role in a grossing film. True, Justin did not sit without work: he was busy in episodes of several TV series, but he really wanted something more significant.

Chatwin's career luck began with the Traffic mini-series (2004). The project was nominated for three Emmy awards, and all the actors who starred there were widely known in the director's circles. It was thanks to his role in Traffic that he found himself on the casting for Steven Spielberg's film War of the Worlds (2005), and Tom Cruise himself became Chatwin's partner. In the role of Robbie, Justin tried to show all his acting potential and he fully succeeded. It was also a great experience.


Chatwin is a versatile actor, so his portfolio includes roles played in musicals, thrillers, melodramas, and fantasy. He creates images of drug addicts, police officers, plays himself.

Personal life

Justin Chatwin is quite secretive in interviews, and does not provide information about connections with women. However, it is known that for some time he dated Molly Sims, who was a model at Viktorias Secret.

After breaking up with Molly, he was seen in the company of the actress Addison Timlin, who is known for the pictures "The Price of Treason" and "Startup".

It is not known when the actor will decide to tie the knot of Hymen: while he travels a lot, is actively involved in extreme sports and continues to photograph, uploading pictures to his Instagram.

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