How To Get A Labor Veteran Certificate

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How To Get A Labor Veteran Certificate
How To Get A Labor Veteran Certificate

Video: How To Get A Labor Veteran Certificate

Video: How To Get A Labor Veteran Certificate
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A uniform certificate of a labor veteran is issued by the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation (as a rule, they are social protection authorities). The certificate confirms the right to social support for its owner and gives him certain benefits.

How to get a labor veteran certificate
How to get a labor veteran certificate

It is necessary

  • - passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (with photocopies);
  • - photo 3x4;
  • - work record book (original and photocopies);
  • - certificate of general work experience (from the Pension Fund);
  • - documents on awarding medals, orders, insignia and labor titles ("Honored Teacher", "High-class Specialist", "Honorary Power Engineer", etc.) (original and photocopy);
  • - archival information about the beginning of your labor activity as a minor during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.


Step 1

According to the Federal Law "On Veterans", two categories of citizens can apply for this title:

- people awarded with state orders and medals or honorary titles of the USSR, the Russian Federation or departmental signs of distinction of labor. At the same time, they must have work experience, which is necessary for retirement in old age;

- people who began their labor activity at a minor age (i.e. before reaching 18 years of age) during the Great Patriotic War. A prerequisite for them is a work experience of at least 35 years for women and 40 years for men.

Step 2

If you qualify for one of these categories, contact your local social welfare agency and write a statement that you have been awarded the Veteran of Labor title. In the application, list the documents confirming your eligibility to receive it. The application is written on a specific form, which is issued by the social protection authorities.

Step 3

Attach all collected documents to the application. It is not necessary to leave the originals, copies are sufficient. Just show the originals to the recipient. After accepting the documents, the social worker will appoint you the next visit date for issuing or denying a certificate. The period for issuing an ID can vary and usually lasts from 1 to 15 days.

Step 4

Registration of a labor veteran certificate is free of charge. Please note that you must personally submit documents and receive a certificate. Refusal to award the title is possible in the absence of all the necessary documents or doubts about their reliability. You can appeal against the refusal in court, but no later than 3 months after its receipt.

Step 5

You don't have to wait until retirement age to get the Labor Veteran title. If you have the necessary work experience, you can issue the title of veteran even before retirement.

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