How To Get Romanian Citizenship

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How To Get Romanian Citizenship
How To Get Romanian Citizenship

Video: How To Get Romanian Citizenship

Video: How To Get Romanian Citizenship
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Since 2007, Romania has become part of the European Union. This gives great advantages, for example, the Schengen zone, open borders, a single currency, but, of course, only for its citizens. How do you get Romanian citizenship?

How to get Romanian citizenship
How to get Romanian citizenship

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - international passport;
  • - marriage certificate (if any);
  • - police clearance certificate (in the country of residence);
  • - Police clearance certificate (issued by Romania);
  • - a personal statement confirming that this is the first time you apply for citizenship;
  • - a notarized declaration that you do not intend to take action against law and order or national security and have not done so in the past;
  • - birth certificate of your children under 14 years old (if any);
  • - the consent of both parents to obtain citizenship for children under 14 years of age (if any).


Step 1

Apply for Romanian citizenship. If you were not born on Romanian territory and adopted by Romanian parents, then this is the fastest way to obtain the desired citizenship. But it includes several important conditions.

Step 2

Live on the territory of Romania for at least eight years, prove by actions your loyalty and respect for the legislation of this state. In addition, you can apply for citizenship, provided that you are married to a Romanian citizen and have lived with him for five years.

Step 3

Know Romanian. If you are going to call Romania your homeland, you need to speak the language of this country, understand the peculiarities of the national culture, study the national symbols of the country, such as the Constitution and the anthem.

Step 4

Have funds legally obtained to support your existence in Romania. In no country in the world will social services and law enforcement agencies want to take responsibility for a foreign citizen without a livelihood. In addition, it will be much more difficult for persons who have already been involved in an offense in Romania or in another state to obtain citizenship.

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