How To Get Citizenship In Israel

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How To Get Citizenship In Israel
How To Get Citizenship In Israel

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Israeli law gives the right to obtain citizenship of this country on the following grounds: Law "On Return", birth in Israel, birth and residence in Israel, residence in Israel, adoption by an Israeli citizen, naturalization, citizenship awards.

How to get citizenship in Israel
How to get citizenship in Israel


Step 1

Under the Law on Return, Jews and their family members up to the third generation can be repatriated to Israel and there they can obtain Israeli citizenship. This does not apply to the children of Jewish grandchildren. They can only obtain a residence permit in Israel, but not citizenship. At the same time, they can only enter Israel up to 18 years of age. To obtain Israeli citizenship, they must apply to the Ministry of the Interior with a request-statement.

When applying for Israeli citizenship, you must indicate your religion in the application form. According to Jewish customs, it is believed that a Jew who adopts a different faith ceases to be a Jew. Therefore, those who indicated their Christian faith in the questionnaire are forever denied citizenship and repatriation. Refusal to repatriate and grant citizenship may also be due to a criminal record or a disease that is dangerous to society.

Step 2

If an adult foreigner - not a Jew - wants to obtain Israeli citizenship, he can be naturalized or he can be granted this citizenship. Anyone who:

1. Is already in Israel at the time of obtaining citizenship.

2. Was in Israel for at least three years out of five years before filing the application. For example, he lived on a work visa, as a husband or single parent, or on visas for special humanitarian cases.

3. Has the right to permanent residence in Israel. For example, when living as a family member or as a permanent resident.

4. Has settled or intended to settle in Israel. This means that the applicant has all the conditions for living, a source of income, property, etc.

5. Speaks Hebrew.

6. Has renounced or is about to renounce his former citizenship.

Step 3

However, even if all these points are observed, Israeli citizenship is not guaranteed to the applicant. Everything is decided personally by the Minister of the Interior. There are also cases when the Minister of the Interior can grant Israeli citizenship to a foreigner. Thus, a minor resident of Israel can be granted citizenship at the request of his parents. Citizenship can also be given to an adult resident of Israel if he or a member of his family has brought tangible benefits to the state.

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