Figure Skater Roman Kostomarov: Biography, Personal Life

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Figure Skater Roman Kostomarov: Biography, Personal Life
Figure Skater Roman Kostomarov: Biography, Personal Life

Video: Figure Skater Roman Kostomarov: Biography, Personal Life

Video: Figure Skater Roman Kostomarov: Biography, Personal Life
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Roman Kostomarov is one of the leading Russian figure skating athletes. He has many awards from the Russian, World and European Championships. He is the winner of the 2006 Turin Olympics. Currently, the skater left his career and became a participant in sports TV shows.

Figure skater Roman Kostomarov
Figure skater Roman Kostomarov

Biography of Roman Kostomarov

The star of Russian figure skating Roman Sergeevich Kostomarov was born in Moscow on February 8, 1977 in a simple working-class family. Roman's mother and father had nothing to do with a sports career. Mother worked as a cook, father - an electrician. The family lived in Tekstilshchiki. Since childhood, the novel was an active and lively child, dreamed of playing sports. He tried swimming and gymnastics, but was refused everywhere. The boy could not do gymnastics due to his age, and he was denied swimming for no apparent reason.

Knowing Roman's desire to go in for sports, a friend of his mother, who worked as a doctor at the AZLK Ice Palace, helped him enter the figure skating group. His first mentor was Lydia Karavaeva, who quickly noticed a promising young skater. At first, Roman did not like this sport and he told all his friends that he was engaged in hockey. After a couple of years of studies, the young man began to perform in the group of the Theater on Ice, where Lydia Karavaeva saw him. She invited the boy to her group.

The beginning of a sports career

Lydia Karavaeva put Roman together with her daughter Ekaterina. The skaters have been performing together for over 10 years. Together with Katya Roman became the world champion among juniors in 1996. But not everything in his career was so smooth. There was a period when Roman was going to quit sports, began to skip training, citing illness. However, the intervention of his mother returned the young man to the big sport.

In 1998 Roman Kostomarov joins Natalia Lynchuk's group. Her group was engaged in America, and Natalya invited Roman to go with her. After much deliberation, the athlete agreed. Roman lived and trained in Delover, USA. Natalia paired him with Tatyana Navka. The duo did not bring good results and the couple was disbanded. Roman had a new partner - Anna Semenovich, unknown to anyone at that time. But this duet was also disbanded. The couple often quarreled, which interfered with fruitful training.

The heyday of Roman Kostomarov's career

In 2000, Roman began skating again with Tatyana Navka. The couple began to train with Tatyana's husband Alexander Zhulin. The guys began to quickly climb the career ladder. A year later, at the championship in Salt Lake City, they took 10th place. At the same time, they become champions of Russia, securing the status of the first pair in ice dancing in the country.

Real success for Roman and Tatiana comes after participating in the 2004 World Championship in Dortmund, where they take first place. In 2006, the guys became participants in the Turin Olympics. For the performance in the free dance, the couple received a gold medal. After gold at the Olympics, the couple decided to end their sports career. Since that time, Roman has been taking part in the TV show of Ilya Averbukh.

In 2007, Roman was offered the role of a figure skater in the TV series Hot Ice. In 2010, the athlete starred in two films "A Close Enemy" and "On Betrayal".

Personal life and family

Roman Kostomarov was married twice. The first wife of the skater was Yulia Lautova, who is also involved in figure skating. The marriage cracked after four years. The couple divorced. Roman's second wife Oksana Domnina is also from figure skating. For a long time, the couple lived in a civil marriage. Oksana gave birth to a daughter, Anastasia, and announced the breakup to Roman. However, the relationship was established, and the couple signed. In 2016, their son Ilya was born.

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