Stesha Malikova: Biography Of A Young Model

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Stesha Malikova: Biography Of A Young Model
Stesha Malikova: Biography Of A Young Model

Video: Stesha Malikova: Biography Of A Young Model

Video: Stesha Malikova: Biography Of A Young Model
Video: Стеша Маликова встречается со звездой хоккея 2023, June

Stefania Malikova was born into a family of musicians and from early childhood is surrounded by a creative atmosphere. The owner of the natural charm characteristic of this "star family" is gaining popularity in social networks, arouses the interest of the public and journalists. The girl's striking appearance allows her to realize herself in the fashion industry, showing clothes from famous fashion designers.

Stesha Malikova: biography of a young model
Stesha Malikova: biography of a young model


Stesha Malikova was born on February 13, 2000 in Moscow in the family of a popular singer and musician Dmitry Malikov and fashion designer and producer Elena Malikova. The grandparents of the young model are famous and talented musicians. Her aunt, Inna, Dmitry's younger sister, is a singer.

Stesha is not the only child in the family, she has a half-sister on her mother's side Olga (daughter of Dmitry Malikov's wife from her first marriage), as well as a younger brother, born on January 29, 2018.

The Malikov family has always been distinguished by intelligence, love, calmness and harmony in relations between its members are visible to the naked eye, which left an imprint on the character of the children.

Stephanie is constantly under parental attention and care, they are engaged in her development and education. She studied guitar and piano, danced and painted. The girl graduated from the private gymnasium "Zhukovka" and in the footsteps of her older sister entered MGIMO.


Since Stefania is still young, it is too early to judge her professional achievements. The girl pays special attention to the modeling business, at the age of 9 she voiced her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Stesha participates in fashion demonstrations from famous fashion designers. At the age of 14, she represented the collection of Igor Chapurin, organized in honor of the 55th anniversary of the Barbie doll. In 2014, the girl took part in a show during Bosco Fashion Week.

Photos of the beauty graced the covers of Elle, Girl, Hello! and others have been featured in Teen Vogue.

Social media star

The girl is incredibly interesting to users of social networks. She actively uploads photos in various ways, family, travel and so on. Her clothes, achievements, hobbies are becoming the subject of discussion on the Internet. In particular, more than 330 thousand users were subscribed to the girl's Instagram page in 2016, in 2018 this figure is more than 520 thousand people.

Prospects for the future

You can find out how Stephanie lives and her plans for the future on the star's pages on Instagram, in a fan group on VKontakte, and so on. The girl constantly updates information, posts news, photos, information about upcoming events.

Perhaps Stesha's childhood dream will come true, and she will become a fashion designer. Maybe the girl will stay true to the family tradition and build a musical career. She performed with her father on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace, and she also performed the song "Do not rush to marry us" together with YurKiss (Yuri Kiselev).

On her page, the girl mentioned her interest in chemistry, there was information in the media about her desire to become a doctor.

In any case, Stephanie's ambitions, parental care and attention will help her choose the right path, to become a successful person.

Personal life

Stesha lives with his parents on Rublevka. She belongs to the representatives of the "golden youth", who has everything a young girl can dream of: outfits, gadgets, a personal driver, and so on.

Rumors about the model's personal life attributed to her an affair with the son of the singer Valeria - Arseny Shulgin. However, the girl denied them, saying that the guys were connected exclusively by friendship.

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