Zhanna Bolotova: Biography, Personal Life, Children

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Zhanna Bolotova: Biography, Personal Life, Children
Zhanna Bolotova: Biography, Personal Life, Children

Video: Zhanna Bolotova: Biography, Personal Life, Children

Video: Zhanna Bolotova: Biography, Personal Life, Children
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Zhanna Bolotova is a laureate of the USSR State Prize, one of the most beautiful actresses of Soviet cinema, who inspired Bulat Okudzhava to sing "Little woman", "Old jacket", "The flame burns, does not smoke", "On the Smolensk road".

Zhanna Bolotova: biography, personal life, children
Zhanna Bolotova: biography, personal life, children

Zhanna was born in 1941 in the Novosibirsk region. Her father was a military man, a diplomat, traveled a lot to different countries, and Zhanna spent all her childhood with her grandmother. Her passion was reading, in it she found everything she dreamed of.

Later, for some time, the Bolotov family lived in Czechoslovakia, then in Moscow, where Zhanna studied at school.

And already at the age of 15 she got to audition for the film "The House I Live In", where she got the role of Gali Volynskaya. To get it, Jeanne added two years to herself.

Film career

This role helped her to enter VGIK - Sergei Gerasimov allowed Zhanna to go straight to the second round. After graduation, Zhanna starred a lot in Gerasimov's films: "Journalist", "People and Animals", "Love a Man". There were also films by other directors, and the actress brilliantly coped with a variety of roles. And for the painting "The Flight of Mr. McKinley" she received the USSR State Prize.

Later she starred in almost all films directed by Nikolai Gubenko. The most striking works in the films of this director, according to critics, are roles in the social drama "Wounded" and the romantic melodrama "From the life of vacationers".

Bolotova's acting biography ended in 1988 when she was only 47 years old. The reason is very simple: the level of films, the level of material for them did not suit the actress, who appreciates the culture and the old acting school. And she did not want to adapt to the "trends of the times".

Only in 2005, Zhanna Andreevna starred in the film "Zhmurki", and then only because she wanted to work with the famous Alexei Balabanov, whom she considers an excellent director.

Personal life

Zhanna Bolotova is a girl from high society, and her position obliged her to look for a husband of her circle. Perhaps for this reason, she married Nikolai Dvigubsky, a cousin of Marina Vlady. However, less than a year later, they divorced.

The second husband of the actress is Nikolai Gubenko, her classmate. He had long and hopelessly been in love with a sophisticated girl, and after the divorce he began to court her. Zhanna did not want to make a mistake again, so she and Nikolai lived in a civil marriage for seven years, and only after that they played a modest wedding. They have no children.

This marriage turned out to be strong, and, according to Zhanna Andreevna from one interview, not one of the spouses has ever regretted their decision to be together. And Nikolai Nikolaevich calls his wife simply: "This is my everything."

Now Zhanna Bolotova is just the mistress of the house, the summer resident and the keeper of the family hearth, which she is very glad and satisfied with. And for the audience, she will remain a charming girl with an easy walk - just the way they remember her.

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