Mikhail Polosukhin, Actor: Biography, Personal Life, Children

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Mikhail Polosukhin, Actor: Biography, Personal Life, Children
Mikhail Polosukhin, Actor: Biography, Personal Life, Children

Three generations of ancestors-artists Mikhail Nikolaevich Polosukhin provided the Honored Artist of Russia with a worthy professional startup. However, before becoming a famous film actor throughout the country, he went through a rather thorny path on the stage. Mikhail himself believes that he was largely realized precisely as a theatrical artist.

The piercing gaze of a man everyone likes
The piercing gaze of a man everyone likes

The popular theater and film actor - Mikhail Polosukhin - has many theatrical projects and more than a dozen films under his belt. This talented artist focused on the theater stage in his professional activity and began to appear on film sets at a fairly mature age. Currently, he is known to a wide audience in our country for his main roles in the film "A Matter of Honor", the crime drama "Second Love", the action movie "Cool" and the melodrama "Stairway to Heaven".

Biography of Mikhail Polosukhin

On September 1, 1966, in Volgograd, the future famous artist was born in a hereditary acting family. Before Mikhail formed a strong opinion about a creative career, he was going to become an ice cream man, firefighter and sailor. However, natural inclinations and parental care did their job, and Polosukhin Jr., who knew very well the other side of the profession, made a clear decision to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors.

After receiving a certificate of secondary education, Mikhail entered the local university (theater department), where he gained the basics of acting on the course with Otar Dzhangisherashvili. And in 1991 he graduated from his university and began to develop a creative career. The first experience of entering the theatrical stage took place with Mikhail Polosukhin back in 1989, when he took part in the production of the local NET (New Experimental Theater). It was here, under the guidance of his mentor, Otar Dzhangisherashvili, that the promising actor found his way to the hearts of his fans.

The textured appearance (height - almost two meters) and unique artistic abilities allowed the novice actor to be realized in a wide variety of roles, among which negative and comedic characters still predominated. I would especially like to highlight in this period, which lasted twelve years, his roles of Sprih in "Masquerade" and Tybalt in "Romeo and Juliet".

And in 2001, there was a new round in the creative career of Mikhail Polosukhin, when he was invited by Sergei Prokhanov to the "Theater of the Moon", on the stage of which he continues to delight fans to this day. During the period of time that the actor spent in the troupe of the "Theater of the Moon", he was awarded many theatrical awards and the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. However, among all the variety of theatrical projects with the participation of the leading artist of this theater, the regulars especially recommend visiting the performances "Intermission" and "Ruby Tuesday".

The cinematic debut of Mikhail Polosukhin took place at a fairly mature age when he entered the set of the mystical film about the life of the theater "Theater of the Moon, or Space Fool 13:28". And the real fame came to the actor after the release of the film "A Matter of Honor" in 2011. Today his filmography consists of more than a dozen films, among which the following should be especially highlighted: "Club", "Rublyovka Live", "Mad", "Travelers", "Matter of Honor", "The Last Hero", "BS", "Cool "," Brotherhood of the Landing Force "," Stairway to Heaven ".

Family life of the actor

Due to the special secrecy of Mikhail Polosukhin in the part concerning his personal life, thematic information in the public domain is simply not available. It is only known that the Honored Artist of Russia is married to a colleague in the creative workshop Daria Goncharova, who is currently a producer and owner of a theater agency.

The wife has a daughter, Taisiya Vilkova (an aspiring actress) from a previous marriage. Mikhail gets along well with his stepdaughter, which testifies to complete harmony in their family.

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