Marina Golub: Filmography, Biography And Cause Of Death

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Marina Golub: Filmography, Biography And Cause Of Death
Marina Golub: Filmography, Biography And Cause Of Death

Video: Marina Golub: Filmography, Biography And Cause Of Death

Video: Marina Golub: Filmography, Biography And Cause Of Death
Video: 10.10.2012 Умерла Марина Голуб - Marina Golub has died 2023, May

Marina Golub is a unique actress with a distinctive talent, always cheerful, a little noisy, for someone rustic, for someone strict and intolerant. With her departure, Russian cinema has lost one of the facets, which no one can replace or fill.

Marina Golub: filmography, biography and cause of death
Marina Golub: filmography, biography and cause of death

The peak of Marina Golub's popularity did not last long, but even this time was enough for moviegoers to sincerely love her. A wide circle knows only the film roles of the actress and her work as a TV presenter. In fact, Marina Golub's field of activity was much broader and much more interesting.

Biography of actress Marina Golub

Marina is a native Muscovite, born into the family of a GRU employee and an actress of the Gogol Theater. The girl's father was adopted, but this did not affect his attitude towards Marina - she grew up in the love and care of both parents.

After graduating from high school, Marina Golub studied at the Moscow Art Theater School on the course of Victor Monyukov. Then there was work at the Raikin Theater, service in the troupe of the Shalom Theater, at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, work on television as a host of entertainment programs, filming in films. In 2011 Marina Golub was on the council of the public center of Moscow on the development of transport complexes.

The personal life of the actress was just as stormy and eventful. There were three marriages in her life - with entrepreneur Eugene Troynin, actor Dolgachev Vadim, partner in Chekhov's Moscow Art Theater Anatoly Bely. In his first marriage, Golub had a daughter, Anastasia.

Filmography of Marina Golub

Marina Golub gained wide popularity thanks to cinema, although she has been popular among theatergoers since 1979. The filmography of the actress includes such significant works as

  • Marina Aleksandrovna from "FM and guys",
  • Mrs. Lazurskaya from "The Murderer's Diary",
  • Zinaida from "Driver for Faith",
  • Major Galina Nikishina from Five Brides,
  • doctor Shevtsova from "The Hunt for a Genius".

In the 2000s, Marina was extremely in demand in the world of cinema. She was invited to appear not only in comedies, but also in dramas, offered characteristic charismatic roles, which such an actress simply had no right to refuse. Thanks to this, the audience now, even after the tragic death of Marina Golub, has the opportunity to enjoy her acting, her sparkling talent, revising the paintings with her participation.

Cause of death of Marina Golub

Marina Golub died in an accident when she was only 55 years old. In various sources, opinions were expressed that her death was ordered, and she was associated with her social activities. People close to the actress assured that shortly before her death, Marina began to receive messages with death threats.

However, the version was not confirmed, the injuries sustained during the accident were recognized as the official cause of death of Marina Golub. The list of injuries was not announced to the general public, relatives refused to comment on the incident. The only publications of the details of the incident were eyewitness accounts of how the accident happened and who provoked it.

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