Sviridov Ilya Timurovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Sviridov Ilya Timurovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Sviridov Ilya Timurovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Sviridov Ilya Timurovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Sviridov Ilya Timurovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
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Ilya Sviridov is a lawyer, politician, public figure who has done a lot for the improvement of Moscow. Having started his activity as a simple lawyer, Sviridov headed one of the municipal districts of the city. And then he took another decisive step in his career, having been promoted to the post of the head of the capital. He did not manage to lead the city that time. However, experts do not exclude such a possibility in the future for the young, energetic politician.

Ilya Timurovich Sviridov
Ilya Timurovich Sviridov

From the biography of Ilya Sviridov

The future politician was born in the capital of the USSR on December 24, 1980. Ilya's grandfather was a writer and part-time boxer. He even headed the country's Boxing Federation. Georgy Ivanovich's books were published in many languages and sold in large editions.

Ilya Timurovich's dad was also a writer. He wrote science fiction and worked as a journalist. Ilya's mom worked at a news agency. The parents instilled in the boy a love for his native language since childhood.

Ilya spent his early years in Moscow. During his school time, he comprehended the wisdom of physical and mathematical sciences. Then he studied in a class with a special legal bias. Sviridov was still a child when his parents parted. Ilya was brought up by his grandfather and grandmother. The boy could sit for hours in his grandfather's library, reading books on jurisprudence. It was then that Ilya decided for himself that he would certainly become a lawyer.

There were other joys in Ilya's life: the boy loved to ski, chased a ball in the yard. He maintains a relationship with many of his school friends.

Sviridov received his education at the State University of Land Management. The specialization of the young lawyer became land law. Ilya Timurovich - candidate of sciences. Married, raising a son and daughter.

Working life and career

Even during his student days, Ilya Timurovich became the most prominent specialist in the department of the capital in charge of city property. He took part in putting things in order in the field of land use, fought against land grabs and unauthorized structures. He also had to appear in court proceedings.

At the beginning of the new century, Sviridov set about creating his own firm, choosing for a law firm the niche where he felt most confident - land law. Ilya Timurovich did not even think about the career of a politician at that time.

But gradually Sviridov got involved in public work, helping to solve legal issues for the population of the urban district. He began to realize that he could bring more benefits to the city by becoming a municipal deputy. In 2012, Sviridov became the people's choice of the Tagansky district of the capital. And after five years he headed the district.

Ilya Timurovich has been a member of the governing bodies of A Just Russia since 2012. The main attention of the policy is directed to interaction with young people and to issues of improvement of urban areas. Sviridov is the author of the draft law on control by the municipality over the overhaul of multi-storey buildings.

The potential of the politician turned out to be very impressive. And Sviridov decided to nominate himself for the responsible post of the head of Moscow. The result of the 2018 elections was very impressive: Ilya Timurovich took third place in the political race, losing only to S. Sobyanin and communist V. Kumin.

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