How To Get To The Novodevichye Cemetery

How To Get To The Novodevichye Cemetery
How To Get To The Novodevichye Cemetery

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Every day hundreds of people - relatives, fans and tourists - visit the Novodevichy Cemetery. This landmark, one of the 100 most famous cemeteries in the world, is located in the Khamovnichesky district of Moscow next to the Novodevichy Convent. In 1922, the necropolis was taken under state protection and became a museum that anyone can visit today.

How to get to the Novodevichye cemetery
How to get to the Novodevichye cemetery


Step 1

Burials have been carried out on this territory since the 16th century. The members of the royal family (daughters of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, the first wife of Perth I Evdokia Lopukhin) and participants in the war of 1812 (poet Denis Davydov, Prince Sergei Trubetskoy) also rest on Novodevichy. Great cultural figures (N.V. Gogol, F.I. Shalyapin, M.A.Bulgakov, V.I.Nemirovich-Danchenko), prominent political figures (N.S. Khrushchev, B.N. Yeltsin) are buried at the cemetery. … For a long time, the territory of the necropolis has grown and conditionally divided into old, new and newest parts. It will take you more than one hour to get around all Novodevichye and honor the memory of all those whose activities you admire during their lifetime.

Step 2

To make the excursion the most interesting, you need to prepare for it. Go to the necropolis website, read brochures and special literature about it to know exactly which famous people you can see. For example, one cannot fail to visit the graves of Vladimir Mayakovsky, Alexei Nikolaevich Tolstoy, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Leonid Utesov. You may want to lay flowers on Yuri Nikulin or Anatoly Papanov.

Step 3

If you want to learn more about the lives of great people, for a walk through the cemetery, you can turn to the guides who, during a two-hour walk, will show you the most famous tombstones and tell you interesting details.

Step 4

It is not difficult to get to the Novodevichye cemetery: you can walk to it from the Sportivnaya metro station. Admission is free for any visitor, but still buy flowers to honor the memory of the deceased.

Step 5

Unfortunately, when visiting such places, not every person thinks about the culture of behavior. Remember that the cemetery is a calm and quiet place where people find their final resting place. You should behave accordingly while walking around the necropolis: do not shout, do not swear, do not run and do not let children do this.

Step 6

You should also not discuss the wealth of the gravestones or the past shortcomings of the deceased, because next to you there may be descendants or friends of the deceased who will be unpleasant. For a walk in the cemetery, it is better not to wear provocative outfits: short skirts, deep neckline. For many people, the cemetery is sacred, and with such an appearance, you can offend their feelings.

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