How To Find A Penpal From America

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How To Find A Penpal From America
How To Find A Penpal From America

Video: How To Find A Penpal From America

Video: How To Find A Penpal From America
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One of the best and fastest ways to learn a foreign language, of course, is to communicate with native speakers. Informal immersion in the language environment, positive emotional reinforcement and personal interest - all this has a positive effect on the assimilation of new information. And if in our life it is not always possible to find a native speaker in our immediate environment, then it is not difficult to establish a correspondence acquaintance.

How to find a penpal from America
How to find a penpal from America


Step 1

If you are learning American English and want to improve your skills, try to find a penpal for yourself from the United States. So you will not only get the practice of language communication, but also learn a lively spoken language, which is often impossible to learn from textbooks.

Step 2

Keep in mind that correspondence today can be carried out in two ways: by regular mail, using paper and ink, and via the Internet. Of course, although the second method is much less romantic, it is more convenient, and most importantly, faster. However, keep in mind that whichever method you choose, you first need to find Americans who want to keep in touch with you by correspondence.

Step 3

To do this, try to choose people close to you in age, beliefs and hobbies. After all, your communication should bring pleasure and interest to both parties. The best way to find like-minded people is to start visiting hobby clubs or thematic forums. If there is a Russian-American friendship house in your city, go there. Surely it is periodically visited by tourists from America and various cultural delegations. Thus, you can establish personal "live" contacts, which you can then continue by correspondence.

Step 4

If you do not have the opportunity to meet American citizens in reality, but you have free access to the Internet, start exploring thematic forums and sites that are in your area of interest. These can be any language portals where people from all over the world gather and help each other learn foreign languages. For example,

Step 5

If you have any hobbies or interests (movies, literature, music, computers, etc.), try reading American thematic forums. You can find them using search engines, entering as a query a keyword in English and the word forum or community. Having found a suitable forum, try to strike up an exchange of opinions with its regulars, and then move on to private correspondence.

Step 6

Pay special attention to social networks like Facebook. In them you can find many people from America, suitable for you by age and circle of interests. Join several different communities, and once you find individuals that interest you, try to establish a closer correspondence with them.