How To Live Life Differently

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How To Live Life Differently
How To Live Life Differently

Video: How To Live Life Differently

Video: How To Live Life Differently
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Most often, a person grows up among conventions and rules invented by other people. Therefore, the “average” life follows similar scenarios. Many habits, actions and even outlook, as in a circle, are passed from parents to children. To live life differently than everyone else, you will not only have to change the rules of behavior, you need to change your perception of the world.

Freedom to live
Freedom to live

If the idea of living differently is not youthful maximalism and not a stupid denial of life, but a balanced and clear desire, then you need to be prepared for the initial difficulties and misunderstanding of others. In any case, a person is more likely to compare himself with relatives, acquaintances, with people from his land and country, rather than with spiritual ideals.

Therefore, in need of fundamental changes, you can decide on the following actions:

- change your place of residence to a completely new region with a different culture and customs, having learned a completely different reality;

- learn to listen to yourself, your desires, live in harmony and in accordance with talents and abilities;

- get rid of prejudices and not look back at public opinion.

Freedom in soul and thoughts

First of all, a person should accept himself, understand that he is not obliged in everything to be like other, even very worthy, people. After all, a job that matches talents and interests will not only give a feeling of freedom, but will relieve one of the feelings of limitation, constraint and hopelessness.

Therefore, in terms of work, you should do what brings pleasure. Even if this requires a change of profession, resume training, or at first be content with small earnings. Rarely does a person choose a profession to their liking, and not because their parents said so or because of the circumstances.

You need to learn to think outside the box, perceive the world from different sides, avoid one-sidedness and polarity of judgments. People are often categorical, limited, afraid of being misunderstood and different from others, so they live life according to a template.

Family harmony

Family relationships often become a burden, a forced fact that must be put up with. Marriages fall apart due to unjustified expectations and lack of consent. Therefore, before entering into a close relationship, it is necessary to clearly understand why this is needed.

You should never break yourself and create a family that is not appropriate, have children who are not desired, simply because “the time has come”, “it’s like that for everyone,” “it should be so.” From constant life contrary to desires and needs, there will be only one misfortune.

You need to organize your life as convenient, and not as is customary. It is foolish to divide responsibilities into "female" and "male", if at the same time you have to sacrifice something all the time.

Freedom of action

Acting freely does not mean going against everyone and doing everything for evil. The essence of such behavior is to perform actions that are significant and necessary specifically for oneself, while maintaining the law and not interfering with the personal life of other people.

Anyone should understand that he has the right to control only his own life, without imposing his own rules on others.

At the call of your heart, you can resort to completely "exclusive" ways to live life differently: to devote yourself to a religious movement, to become a monk or hermit, to go to live in an unusual place or delve into science. All methods that ordinary people consider to be something outstanding and overwhelming are suitable here.