How To Store Orders

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How To Store Orders
How To Store Orders

Video: How To Store Orders

Video: How To Store Orders
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Orders and medals are not only evidence of your achievements, deeds and merit. First of all, it is also the memory of past times. Especially if they belonged to your ancestors. And this memory must be carefully preserved.

How to store orders
How to store orders


Step 1

Purchase one or more tablets in the store, depending on the number and size of medals and orders. Alternatively, they can be custom made. The tablets are most convenient for saving medals and orders. They allow you to display your awards in a beautiful way, improving presentability and also protecting from dust and external influences. Tablets can be either horizontal or vertical. The glass near the tablet can be pasted over with tint film, which will hide the orders from direct sunlight.

Step 2

The tablet for storing orders and medals is made of two frames, fastened with loops. Plastic or plywood is attached to the rear frame, which is most often covered with red velvet, and glass is attached to the front frame. On the side, the frames can be locked or twisted with a bolt.

Step 3

Wipe the orders regularly with a soft flannel cloth to keep them free of dust. They can be secured inside the tablet with needles or wire. Only then hang the tablets with your orders on the wall, trying not to place them in direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can lay out tablets on a table or sideboards.

Step 4

Buy special frames for medals, or order them from a baguette workshop. Usually each frame contains one or two orders. But it looks beautiful. Frames can also be hung on the wall to display the most important awards.

Step 5

Orders and medals can also be stored in special albums - stockbooks. They don't look so pretty, but they will also help you preserve your awards. Their biggest plus is their low cost, as well as the ability to store commemorative badges, coins and insignia in them.

Step 6

If you have a lot of medals, it is best to set aside a separate wall or cabinet for storing them. Make sure that the humidity in the room is not at a high level, as this can corrode the metal.