Actor Alexander Pal: Filmography And Biography

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Actor Alexander Pal: Filmography And Biography
Actor Alexander Pal: Filmography And Biography

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Alexander Pal is a young Russian actor, whose biography recently began to interest moviegoers. He has starred in several comedies that have become truly iconic, and his future looks promising.

Actor Alexander Pal: filmography and biography
Actor Alexander Pal: filmography and biography


Alexander Pal was born in 1988 in Chelyabinsk. He has German roots, but the family of the future actor lived rather poorly and was forced to move to Germany to stay with relatives. By the time he came of age, Sasha decided to return to Russia and get an acting education. He managed to enter GITIS, but the money for study and life in the capital was sorely lacking. Alexander worked part-time as best he could and firmly believed that he would be able to achieve everything he wanted.

In 2012, immediately after graduation, Alexander Pal began working at the Vakhtangov Theater, but soon moved to the MTYUZ. He was easily given roles in various theatrical genres, so the artist no longer had to complain about unemployment. He also managed to collaborate with the Academic Theater. Mayakovsky, the "Workshop" theater. A successful stage career opened the way for the young actor to the cinema.

2013 was a truly breakthrough year for Alexander Pal. He appeared in the crime comedy "All at Once", which became very popular among young people. Immediately after her, Pal starred in the cult comedy "Bitter!" together with a galaxy of famous Russian actors. The role of the protagonist's brother, who had served time, quickly glorified Alexander. It is worth noting that he brilliantly played it in the subsequent continuation of the picture, which came out a year later.

The young actor was "showered" with offers of roles in major projects, one of which was the New Year's film "Fir Trees 1914". Then Alexander Pal played the main role in the comedy The Boy from Our Cemetery. By that time, he had already become a kind of symbol of good Russian cinema, so viewers enjoyed visiting films with the participation of a talented actor. In the next two years, he starred in such movie hits as "Hardcore", "Icebreaker", "Wonderland", as well as the television series "You All Piss Me Off."

Personal life

Alexander Pal prefers not to scatter details about his personal life. It is known that he is currently in a relationship with Lisa Yankovskaya, who is the daughter of the famous actor Philip Yankovsky and the granddaughter of the equally famous Oleg Yankovsky. Lisa is going to follow in the footsteps of eminent relatives. The couple has no plans to officially marry.

While studying at GITIS, Alexander Pal made friends with another young and talented actor Alexander Petrov. Together they graduated from their studies and began to build an acting career. Often friends appear in joint projects, among which, for example, the series "You all piss me off." At the same time, the attention of Russian television and the Internet public is very riveted to Pal. He was fortunate enough to become a guest of the Evening Urgant show and the Vdud project, published on the YouTube channel of the same name by journalist Yuri Dud.

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