How To Get A Consultation

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How To Get A Consultation
How To Get A Consultation

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Life is faced with completely unfamiliar problems. There is no one to turn to for help. And moving blindly is dangerous. And we need a good consultation. There are many advisors on the internet. Whom to listen to? Can you trust the opinion of a stranger? It can be helpful not to take risks, but to put in a little effort to meet with a really great consultant.

Consultant - specialist of a narrow profile
Consultant - specialist of a narrow profile


Step 1

Make a list of books from the area of ​​your problem. Visit bookstores or browse the catalog of books in the online store. We are interested in authors who write on the topic of the problem. Most likely they are specialists and experts in their field.

Step 2

Find author blogs. Search engines will lead you to blogs of famous people.

Step 3

Make a list of the experts they refer to. Browse the latest posts, do a thematic blog search, pay attention to the tag cloud. This will find articles on a narrow topic. And you will see who is the authority from the point of view of the blog author. Add these names to your author list.

Step 4

Visit the blog of the first person on the list. Now your task is to get a consultation. Don't do it head-on. After all, the author of the blog does not come to work on the Internet. And he doesn't owe you anything. Look around the blog first, find something in common with your interests.

Step 5

Praise the author of the blog, engage in communication. People love their own kind because they find understanding and support from them. Try to understand yourself first. The person has experiences, support his aspirations.

Step 6

Ask a question. Do this in the context of some discussion. If there is an article on the blog that touches on your problem, you have a good chance. The specialist will answer the question if he considers it useful to other readers of the blog. Be guided by the interests of the author.

Step 7

Repeat from step 4 for the next person on the list. Keep looking for a solution to the problem until you get an answer.

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