Del Potro Juan Martin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Del Potro Juan Martin: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Del Potro Juan Martin: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Juan Martin del Potro is a famous sportsman from Argentina. One of the best male tennis players with 22 different titles. In 2016, he won the silver medal in singles at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Del Potro Juan Martin: biography, career, personal life
Del Potro Juan Martin: biography, career, personal life


The future tennis player was born in September 1988, on the 23rd, in the small Argentine town of Tandila. The boy's father, Daniel del Potro, played quite successfully in rugby at a semi-professional level, and he served as an example for little Juan.

Nevertheless, the child did not like his father's hobby too much, he wanted to play tennis. Juan first picked up a racket at the age of seven. And his first mentor was the local tennis coach Marcelo Gomez.


The first major victory came to del Potro quickly enough. In 2002, at the age of thirteen, he won the grand prize at the Orange Bowl, a tournament that takes place regularly in Florida. In 2005, he started competing in professional ITF rookie tournaments and won three convincing victories. In November of the same year, he took part in the ATP Challenger and passed all his rivals.

With the beginning of 2006, del Potro began to conquer the ATP tournaments and tried to reach the professional level. As part of the ATP-250 tournament, which was held in Chile, he played his first match at a professional level against the Spaniard Albert Portas and won 2-0. In the next round, he lost to Fernando Gonzalez from Chile.

Juan got his first major victory in 2009 at the US Open. Having passed four stages of the game with relative ease, del Potro met in the semifinals with the third racket of the world - Rafael Nadal. But despite such a formidable size, and this match was given quite easily, Juan defeated the Spaniard 3-0. In the final, the legendary Roger Federer was waiting for the ambitious and talented tennis player. Constantly yielding during the four-hour match, del Potro was able to snatch victory in the final, fifth set and became the owner of the first trophy in the Grand Slam.

Among other things, Juan became the first Argentine athlete since 1977 who managed to win the US open tournament, before him this peak was conquered only by Guillermo Vilas.

Today, the famous tennis player continues to perform and occupies the eighth line in the world ranking. At the end of 2018, Huang lost to Georgian tennis player Basilashvili in the final of the tournament in Beijing. In the same match, he was seriously injured and missed the decisive matches of 2018, for this reason, he took only the fifth line of the rating. He also missed the beginning of 2019 due to injury, eventually dropping to eighth place.

Personal life

Despite his fame, del Potro is not a public person, he does not like noisy parties and events. In 2018, he parted ways with the famous singer Himeona Bero, whom he met for some time without any special plans for the future.

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