Lisovets Vlad: Biography Of A Stylist

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Lisovets Vlad: Biography Of A Stylist
Lisovets Vlad: Biography Of A Stylist

Video: Lisovets Vlad: Biography Of A Stylist

Video: Lisovets Vlad: Biography Of A Stylist
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Vlad Lisovets is an extraordinary personality. He successfully combines several spheres of activity at once, and his biography is an example of how you can achieve everything only on your own, thanks to your own aspiration, perseverance, practically, on "bare" enthusiasm.

Lisovets Vlad: biography of a stylist
Lisovets Vlad: biography of a stylist

The biography of this fashionable stylist and his family as a whole is not unique, but the story of his breakthrough in the profession is striking - Vlad Lisovets himself, without outside help, in an amazingly short time won the hearts and representatives of secular circles, show business, and ordinary fashionistas and fashionistas with his works … Those who are considered a style icon turn to him for advice, he is always ready to help, and the social status of the one he helps does not matter to him.

Biography of stylist Vlad Lisovets

The future popular stylist Vlad Lisovets was born in August 1972 in Baku, where his grandparents moved in the 30s of the last century, saving their children from hunger. No one was connected with the world of art and fashion in Vlad's family, but the boy was drawn to everything beautiful from childhood, and his parents decided to give him an appropriate education. In addition to the basic Baku school, Vlad graduated

  • ballet school,
  • music course,
  • College of Hairdressing,
  • psychological university.

In 1994 Vlad Lisovets moved to Moscow, and already in 2000 his achievements included stylistic works with the groups "Brilliant" and "Agatha Christie", popular performers Avraam Russo, Valery Leontyev, Irina Ponarovskaya and others.

Vlad did not limit himself to one direction and is actively developing as a TV presenter. His programs on various TV channels are loved by viewers, are invariably approved by critics, proposals are received over and over again. Vlad is one of the few representatives of the fashion world who has tried himself in extreme reality shows. He took part in the Ford Boyard program. In addition, Lisovets starred in several films. His filmography already includes 4 successful roles.

Vlad Lisovets - the personal life of a stylist

The shocking stylist is still alone, but, as he himself says, he is not alone. Vlad does not hide the fact that sometimes he is overly selfish and freedom-loving, which prevents him from building strong relationships. Lisovets already tried to create a family when he was 25 years old, but the attempt was unsuccessful, the marriage quickly fell apart, and he no longer took new steps in this direction of life.

Vlad Lisovets maintains warm relations with his loved ones, he is actively involved in charity work and claims that it gives him pleasure to see and feel gratitude towards him. He is sure that he is ready for family life, but one that will correspond to him emotionally, satisfy his erudition, he has not yet met.

Attempts by star friends to arrange his personal life, which, according to Vlad, were many, he suppresses. He will go down the aisle when he himself makes such a decision, and the chosen one will not necessarily be from the world of show business.