Vlad Stashevsky: Biography And Personal Life

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Vlad Stashevsky: Biography And Personal Life
Vlad Stashevsky: Biography And Personal Life

Video: Vlad Stashevsky: Biography And Personal Life

Video: Vlad Stashevsky: Biography And Personal Life
Video: Судьба Влада Сташевского. С Натальей Ветлицкой все закончилось некрасиво. Судьба человека 2023, June

Vlad Stashevsky is a pop singer who was popular in the 90s. The hit “Love doesn't live here anymore” and the clip for it became memorable.

Vlad Stashevsky
Vlad Stashevsky

Biography of V. Stashevsky

Vlad's real surname is Tverdokhlebov, he was born in Tiraspol. The boy was raised by his mother and grandmother, his father left them when Vlad was still a baby. Mother and grandmother had nothing to do with music and stage, both worked as accountants.

The family moved to Crimea, where Vlad spent his childhood. The boy had many hobbies: running, gymnastics, parachute jumping. Vlad studied at the music school, mastering the piano. After the 8th grade, he went to the Suvorov School, but was there for only a month.

Later he went to Moscow, went to study at a trade college, performed as a member of a musical ensemble, winning many amateur competitions. After college, Vlad entered a commercial institute, later studied at Moscow State University, in absentia at the faculty of commerce. He finished his studies in 1998.


The appearance on the stage Vlad owes his acquaintance with Y. Aizenshpis. The producer became interested in the singer, and soon there was a recording of the song "The Roads We Go On". A year later, the disc "Love doesn't live here anymore" was released, thanks to which the singer became popular.

V. Stashevsky took 2nd place at the White Nights festival. In the next 5 years, 5 albums appeared. The singer received the "Ovation" award and others. For the song "Call me in the night" he was awarded the title of the best singer of the year.

In 1999 V. Stashevsky stopped working with Y. Aizenshpis. The singer released his 6th album "Labyrinths", it was not like the previous ones. The songs were written by Stashevsky, he was also the producer of the album and independently directed the process of its release. However, the disc failed. In 2002, Stashevsky did not appear on TV.

In 2002 DJ GROOVE released remixes of Vlad's popular songs, in 2003 an album with remixes “The best remixes by DJ GROOVE” was released. In 2003, Stashevsky released his th album "With You Nearby", containing the best songs for 10 years.

After leaving show business, Stashevsky went into business, is the director of an enterprise for the disposal of chemical waste. Sometimes he goes on tour, appears in television programs ("The Last Hero", etc.). He also starred in films, playing a role in the m / s "Beauty Salon".

Personal life of Vlad Stashevsky

V. Stashevsky's first marriage was in 1997. O. Alyoshina, daughter of the director of the Luzhniki stadium, became the chosen one. They met on the ship, where Olga was resting with friends, and Vlad was supposed to perform. After a while, they decided to get married.

Olga's parents were not particularly happy about this. The couple had a boy Daniel. In 2006 Vlad married for the second time, I. Migulya became his wife. The wedding was celebrated in Las Vegas. In 2008, they had a son, Timofey.

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