Tokarev Boris Vasilievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Tokarev Boris Vasilievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Tokarev Boris Vasilievich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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The actor Boris Tokarev learned about what genuine popularity is after the release of the film "Two Captains". The image of Sashka Grigoriev created by him is known and remembered by several generations of Russian viewers. The young actor had a charming appearance and a deep, soulful look. Therefore, directors have always trusted him with only positive roles.

Boris Vasilievich Tokarev
Boris Vasilievich Tokarev

From the biography of Boris Vasilyevich Tokarev

The future actor and director was born in the village of Kiselevo, Kaluga Region on August 20, 1947. Boris's father was an officer, his mother worked as a teacher in a kindergarten. Subsequently, the family moved to Moscow, where the father was transferred to serve. Here Boris went to school.

It can be assumed that Tokarev began his career as an actor in childhood. When Boris was 12 years old, he starred in the film "Generation Saved", where there was a story about children sent to the rear from besieged Leningrad. Tokarev's hero fled to the front, but he was brought back.

A year later, Boris played in the play "Pillars of Society", which was staged on the stage of the Moscow Pushkin Theater. In high school, the young man was involved in several more films. Among them: "Introduction", "Blue Notebook".

Boris Tokarev's creativity

With a solid filmography to his credit, Boris easily entered VGIK. He continued to work in cinematography during his student years, starring in the films "Loyalty", "Road to the Sea", "The Sixth Summer".

After graduating from high school, Tokarev began work at the Theater of the Soviet Army. But only stayed here for a year. The young actor was attracted by his beloved cinema.

From 1969 to 1971, Boris starred in several striking films. The audience appreciated the characters created by the actor in the films "The Stolen Train" and "The Sea Character", as well as in the musical drama "Prince Igor".

A breakthrough in the career of Boris Vasilyevich was the famous film "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" (1972). Here the actor got the small role of the border guard Osyanin. After the release of the film, Tokarev immediately turned into a movie star of Russian cinema: tens of millions of Soviet viewers watched this film.

Tokarev managed to consolidate his success by participating in the film "Hot Snow". The actor masterfully created the image of the platoon commander Kuznetsov here. The military-dramatic picture found a response in the hearts of millions of people.

And yet, the real glory and love of the audience fell on Boris after the release of the serial film "Two Captains" (1976). The image of Sanka Grigoriev captured the imagination of all Soviet boys and girls. Adult viewers did not remain indifferent to the film.

Tokarev after the collapse of the USSR

In the 90s, cinema was in decline. Tokarev was almost forgotten. However, in 2001, the actor announced himself as a talented director. In the film "Don't Leave Me, Love" Boris Vasilievich also played one of the main roles. Larisa Guzeeva and Evgenia Simonova were involved in the film.

In 2005, Tokarev starred in the film "The Last Battle of Major Pugachev." Here he played General Artemyev. A year later, the action movie "Emergency Call" was released with the participation of Boris Vasilyevich.

Boris Tokarev is known as the head of the experimental creative association "Debut". Recently, the actor has rarely been seen on screen.

Personal life of actor and director Tokarev

Boris met his future wife when he was only 15 years old. His peer Lyudmila Gladunko at that time also starred in the film "Where are you, Maxim?". Young people subsequently entered the university together. The wedding was played after the end of VGIK.

Lyudmila starred in many of her husband's films. The Tokarevs' son, Stepan, also appeared once in his father's series. Stepan graduated from the Institute of International Relations.

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