Kudlitz Michael: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Kudlitz Michael: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Kudlitz Michael: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Michael Kudlitz is an American film and television actor, director and producer. He began his cinematic career in the late 1980s of the last century. Known for his roles in projects: Ambulance, The Walking Dead, Southland, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Surrogates.

Michael Kudlitz
Michael Kudlitz

In the creative biography of Michael, there are more than a hundred roles in film and television. He also directed several episodes of The Walking Dead and produced The River Wild, Traveler of Sorrow.

Biography facts

The future actor was born in the winter of 1964 in the United States into an ordinary family.

In his childhood, he spent a lot of time with his father, studying carpentry and construction. Even before school, he began to actively play sports, but was not going to become a professional athlete.

Michael still spends a lot of time at the gym. He likes to keep fit and take care of his health. He also believes it is necessary in order to get good roles and look great on screen.

The building skills that Michael learned from his father were very useful to him in the future. For several years he worked on the set as a set construction coordinator for many films, in particular for Beverly Hills 90210. He later starred in this series as Tony Miller, a member of the football team.

After completing his primary education, Kudlitz continued his studies at the California Institute of the Arts (California Institute of the Arts).

Film career

In the cinema, Kudlitz first appeared in the late 1980s. He starred in the movie The Crystal Ball.

In the 1990s, Michael began acting in the famous TV series "Beverly Hills 90210" as football player Tony Miller. Although this character was not central to the project, the young actor was noticed. He soon received new proposals from directors and producers.

Kudlitz has appeared on the screen in a number of well-known television series: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, 21 Jump Street, Los Angeles Law, Big Renovation, Step by Step, The Renegade, New Police York "," Ambulance "," Chicago Hope "," Military Legal Service "," Buffy the Vampire Slayer "," Brothers in Arms "," The Client is Always Dead "," 24 Hours "," Stay Alive ", Escape, Bones, Criminal Minds, Southland, The Walking Dead.

In 1993, Kudlitz starred in the action movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. This biographical drama tells the story of the famous and legendary actor and martial artist Bruce Lee. The film is based on the memories of Lee's wife, Linda.

In the same year, Kudlitz got one of the central roles in the thriller "Club of Liars".

In the crime comedy Murder at Gross Point, Michael played Bob Destepello. The story shown in the picture begins in the town of Gross Point, where Martin Blank comes to the alumni meeting. No one realizes that Martin has become a professional hitman. He came to the city not only to see his friends and ex-lover, but also in order to fulfill the order for the murder. Martin is unaware that the hunt has begun on him too.

In the fantastic action movie "Surrogates" Kudlitz starred alongside the famous actor Bruce Willis. The film is set in 2057. People completely stopped communicating and going outside. They were replaced by robots - surrogates, who now do not only all the work, but actually live the life of their owners. Policeman Tom Greer enters the fight against the robots.

One of the most famous roles in recent years, Kudlitz played in the cult series The Walking Dead. His character's name is Abraham Ford. For the first time on the screen, he appeared in the fourth season of the project.

Personal life

Michael has been married for many years. His wife's name is Rachel. They met on the set in the early 2000s and got married in 2002. The family has two children: Jake and Camilla.

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