Elena Ilyinichna Podkaminskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Elena Ilyinichna Podkaminskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life
Elena Ilyinichna Podkaminskaya: Biography, Career And Personal Life

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Elena Podkaminskaya is a talented actress, whose filmography includes a huge number of projects. She not only acts in films, but also takes part in theatrical productions. The real popularity came to the actress after filming in the multi-part film "Kitchen".

Talented actress Elena Podkaminskaya
Talented actress Elena Podkaminskaya

Elena was born in Moscow. It happened in 1979. On April 10, a talented girl was born in a creative family. His father was mainly associated with creativity. At one time he created a music studio, which he called "Rainbow". In addition, the man received prizes and awards more than once, and according to his idea, a college of arts was created. It is located in Shcherbinka. It was in this educational institution that Elena received her education.

After graduating from college, it was decided to enter the Shchukin school. The exams were passed on the first try. In addition, the talent of the future actress did not go unnoticed. She was invited to their groups by eminent leaders. The choice fell on the studio of Alexander Shirvindt. He not only taught Elena acting skills, but also became a mentor.

Having received a diploma, Elena and Alexander began to fruitfully cooperate on the theatrical stage of Satire. The first performance took place in 2001. At this time, a talented girl just graduated from drama school.

Success in cinematography

Quite often, Elena went on stage, performed in numerous productions. And she always appeared in different roles. The most successful was the performance “Homo Erectus”. The girl had to get used to the image of a prostitute. According to one of the magazines, this role has become the best.

After several performances, the first invitation to shoot films was received. The debut took place a year after graduation from the theater school. She was invited to the Joker film project. Then there was the image of the maid in the movie Poirot's Failure. This role brought the first popularity to the aspiring actress.

The directors began to invite the talented girl to their multi-part projects. You can see Elena in such films as "Petrovka 38", "Protection against", "I'll be back". Such films as "A Few Simple Desires" and "Night Sisters" became successful. In the last film, Alexey Makarov became a partner on the set. Despite the large number of projects, it is difficult to call them popular. In more serious films, Elena appeared mainly in small episodes. Such films were "Inhabited Island" and "What Men Talk About".

Much has changed in the biography, as soon as the TV series "Kitchen" appeared on the country's television screens, in which Elena got one of the main roles. It was this film that brought huge success to the talented actress. Career went uphill. The girl began to be recognized not only by journalists, but also by passers-by. A year after the start of filming, she was invited to a photo session in the famous men's magazine "Maxim".

In 2014, several more films were released, in which Elena Podkaminskaya starred. We are talking about such films as "Craftsmen" and "Fate Called Farman." During the same period, she starred in the film "Kitchen in Paris", which was a continuation of the multi-part project. In 2016, she delighted numerous fans with her masterful performance in the film project “Teach Me To Live”. Elena had to get used to the image of Katya's girl. At the same time, the film Fatal Attraction was released. You can see Elena in a secondary role in the comedy film “Selfie”.

Even despite the pregnancy, the actress continued to actively participate in numerous shootings. She received an invitation to shoot the film “What Men Talk About. Continuation”. She also appeared before fans in such films as "Without a trace" and "Sleepers".

Participation in TV shows

Elena Podkaminskaya was remembered by numerous fans not only for films.She actively starred in television shows. You could see her in the "Ice Age", where the girl's partner was Peter Chernyshev. Together they became among the leaders of the project. But they could not win. The girl also took part in the entertaining TV show "Dancing with the Stars", where she managed to win the first position. The girl was also invited to such TV programs as "Smak", "Evening Urgant", "Cinema in Detail".

Success in personal life

How does the actress live outside of work? For a long time there were rumors about a relationship with Mark Bogatyrev. Together they played a couple in love in the multi-part project "Kitchen". However, Elena said that they are connected only by friendship and nothing more. The first husband of the famous actress is Alexander Plyatsev. Elena lived with the entrepreneur for 8 years. There is a child - daughter Polina. In 2015, the couple announced their separation.

In 2017, photographs appeared that showed that Elena was expecting her second child. The girl herself did not immediately admit this. The actress did not want to reveal the identity of her father. It was only known that he was not an actor. However, the girl still revealed the name of her chosen one, but only after the birth of her daughter Eva. Denis Gushchin became the father. The wedding between them took place in 2018.

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