Oleg Basilashvili: Biography, Personal Life, Awards And Titles

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Oleg Basilashvili: Biography, Personal Life, Awards And Titles
Oleg Basilashvili: Biography, Personal Life, Awards And Titles

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Oleg Valerianovich Basilashvili is a famous theater and film actor of Georgian-Polish origin, People's Artist of the USSR, who has millions of fans all over the world.

Oleg Basilashvili: biography, personal life, awards and titles
Oleg Basilashvili: biography, personal life, awards and titles


Oleg Valerianovich Basilashvili was born on September 26, 1934 in Moscow.

His father, Valerian Basilashvili, was the director of the Moscow Polytechnic College, and his mother taught foreign languages ​​and was one of the prominent linguists of the USSR.

Valerian Noshrevanovich composed a legend that his grandfather was a colonel in the tsarist army, married a Polish lady, and began working as a policeman. He also liked to tell friends and acquaintances that his grandfather once arrested a dangerous criminal named Dzhugashvili, who was in fact Joseph Stalin. In fact, Basilashvili's grandfather was a Russian Orthodox priest and architect who participated in the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

During World War II, young Oleg Basilashvili was evacuated from Moscow to Georgia. There young Basilashvili lived with his paternal grandfather until the end of World War II and received his primary education.

Actor career

In 1956, Oleg Basilashvili graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School, his mentor was Pavel Massalsky. His group was one of the most talented: among his classmates were Evgeny Evstigneev, Mikhail Kozakov and Tatyana Doronina, his first wife. After graduation, he and his wife got a job in the troupe of the Bolshoi Drama Theater (BDT) under the leadership of the legendary director Georgy Tovstonogov. Since 1959, Basilashvili has been one of the leading actors in the BDT. His partners on stage were such stars as Kirill Lavrov, Tatiana Doronina, Alisa Freindlikh, Lyudmila Makarova, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Zinaida Sharko, Valentina Kovel, Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Oleg Borisov, Pavel Lupsekaev, Sergey Yursky, and many other wonderful Russian actors.

Film career

Oleg Basilashvili's screen star was made by director Eldar Ryazanov. He starred in such popular films as Office Romance (1977), Station for Two (1982), Promised Heaven (1991) and Divination (1993), almost all of which became the leaders of the box office. Among Basilashvili's partners on the stage were such actors as Alisa Freindlich, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Nikita Mikhalkov, Nonna Mordyukova, Yevgeny Leonov, and Natalia Gundareva, and many others.

In the film directed by Georgy Danelia "Autumn Marathon" (1979), Ole Valerianich plays a man who has a midlife crisis, and he is torn between his wife and mistress. In this film, the wonderful acting ensemble Natalya Gundareva, Evgeny Leonov, Marina Neyelova, and Nikolai Kryuchkov starred with him. This film became a Soviet classic and was awarded at the International Film Festivals in Berlin and San Sebastian.

In the 1980s, he began collaborating with director Karen Shakhnazarov. He starred in films such as Courier (1987), City of Zero (1988) and Dreams (1993).

In 2001, Oleg Basilashvili starred with Karen Shakhnazarov in the comedy Poisons, or the World History of Poisoning (2001). In this film, the actor played two roles: pensioner Prokhorov and Pope Alexander VI himself. Borgia.

After several years of artistic hiatus, Oleg Basilashvili returned to the filming area on the set of the television series The Master and Margarita directed by Vladimir Bortko, in this film he brilliantly played the role of Volanad. Together with him, Alexander Abdulov, Kirill Lavrov, Anna Kovalchuk, Alexander Galibin, and other famous Russian actors took part in the filming.

Currently, the famous artist lives in St. Petersburg, with his second wife Galina Mshanskaya, who is a popular TV presenter, has two daughters and two grandchildren.

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