Daniel Olbrychsky: Career And Personal Life

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Daniel Olbrychsky: Career And Personal Life
Daniel Olbrychsky: Career And Personal Life

Video: Daniel Olbrychsky: Career And Personal Life

Video: Daniel Olbrychsky: Career And Personal Life

Many foreign directors have invited this Polish actor to take part in their films, and now films with Daniel Olbrychsky's participation can be seen in almost all European countries.

Daniel Olbrychsky: career and personal life
Daniel Olbrychsky: career and personal life

The famous theater and film actor Daniel Olbrychsky was born in 1945 in the town of Lowicz. It was at this time that the battles for the liberation of Poland from the Nazis were going on, so the time was not easy. After the birth of little Daniel, their family moved to the town of Drogichin, where he spent his childhood.

Then there was a move to Warsaw, life in a communal apartment for 3 families, a poor childhood. In the capital, Daniel studied at school, and later at the Lyceum. Even then, his rebellious spirit and wayward character manifested itself: he did not want to comply with the norms, often got "bad" and almost flew out of the lyceum. It's good that physical education and French teachers stood up, the guy pulled himself up and passed the exams perfectly.

Mom constantly tried to "culturally develop" her son: she gave books, took him to the theater and taught him how to play the piano. Once she found out that Warsaw television was recruiting young guys to the studio, and advised Daniel to try to enter it.

As a result, as a student of the Lyceum, he spoke at the "Poetry Studio" of Warsaw TV. This helped lift the family out of poverty - after all, his fees were significantly higher than the income of his parents.

Actor's career

Daniel liked it on television, and he wanted to become an actor - he entered the Warsaw Higher Theater School, but did not graduate from it, as he began acting in films.

Already at the age of 19, he starred in the film "Wounded in the Woods" (1964), followed by the film "Ashes" (1965). Later, the actor said that his drama school was an internship in the team of Andrzej Wajda - it replaced his acting education.

The surety of this master at that time was worth a lot, and other directors began to invite Olbrykhsky, he starred quite a lot in the 60s.

The actor's triumph in cinema was the film Pan Volodyevsky (1969), or rather the role of Tugai-beevich in this film. Olbrykhsky brilliantly showed a combination of cruelty and romanticism in one and the same person, for which he gained fame as an excellent actor.

In the 70s, Daniel again collaborated with Vaida, and he offered him roles in a completely different role - for example, in the films "Landscape after the Battle" (1970) and "Bereznyak" (1970). After that, he began to receive leading roles in good films. One of the best roles of this period, critics consider the role of Victor Ruben in the film "The Young Ladies of Vilko" (1979) - the film was nominated for an Oscar.

The subsequent years of the famous actor's life, including the beginning of the century, were marked by constant work in foreign films - during this time he starred in more than 100 films. Here are just a few of them: "The Unbearable Lightness of Being", "Nocturne", "At the Jeweler's Shop", "Steps of Love", "The Barber of Siberia".

Personal life

They say about him that "Olbrychsky had several passions at the same time." And no one can really say who he met while he was married to three women. Sometimes he married one, and met with two more, and could not part with anyone, because he loved each.

As a result, he has three children with different mothers: Monika Dzenisevich, Susanna Lapitskaya, Barbara Zukova.

Monica bore him Rafal, who followed in the footsteps of his father, Suzanne bore him a daughter, Veronica, who now lives in America, and Barbara, a son, Victor, who also lives in America.

Ten years ago, Daniel married the theater critic Kristina Demskoy, she became not only his wife, but also a manager. They maintain friendly relations with all of the "ex" of the actor and with his children.

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