Ganelin Evgeny Rafailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Ganelin Evgeny Rafailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Ganelin Evgeny Rafailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Ganelin Evgeny Rafailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Video: Ganelin Evgeny Rafailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Video: Трио Ганелин - Круглов - Юданов 2023, March

Evgeny Ganelin is familiar to Russian viewers from the TV series "Deadly Power", where the actor played Zhora Lyubimov. Ganelin often succeeded in the images of people in uniform. He also tried himself as a director. Often the actor is up to his throat loaded with work on the set, but never regretted his professional choice.

Evgeny Ganelin
Evgeny Ganelin

From the biography of Evgeny Rafailovich Ganelin

The future actor was born in Leningrad on January 19, 1959. Ganelin's father was a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, his mother taught history. Parents very much hoped that their son would choose a career as a scientist. However, Eugene decided otherwise.

In 1976, Ganelin graduated from high school and entered the drama department of the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. He graduated from the university in 1980 with honors.

Theatrical career

With a university diploma, Ganelin was admitted to the team of the Youth Theater on the Fontanka. Two years later, the actor went to work at the Theater of the Lenin Komsomol, and later began to serve at the Komissarzhevskaya Theater.

There are many roles in Evgeny's theatrical repertoire. Here are just a few of the performances where he was busy: The Pit, The Suicide, The Thief in Paradise, Chichikov, The Nameless Star, Soap Angels.

In 1990, Ganelin became the founder of the Chameleon Theater. Then he worked for four years in the production company "Janus", then moved to the association "Theater World". Ganelin made a number of productions as a director. These include the performances "Katarina", "Opals of Andamuki", "The Seagull", "Night Rehearsal", the show "Star Hour"

Work in cinematography

In 1985, Evgeny made his cinematic debut. He played in the drama "The Feat of Odessa". The film tells about the fate of the defenders of the famous city during the war. Ganelin played the role of a senior sergeant who is ready to sacrifice himself in order to save other people. Alas, this work did not impress the viewer.

Ganelin did not bring success to the films "The Defendant" and "Criminal Talent". However, failures only hardened the character of the actor. He believed that his finest hour would come someday.

A breakthrough in the work of Ganelin was the series "Deadly Force". He got the role of Zhora Lyubimov by accident. Even during the casting, he had no idea who he would have to play if he successfully passed the selection for the role. As a result, the actor managed to create a capacious and memorable image of a crime fighter who never reaches into his pocket for a word and is always ready to rebuff the enemy.

Among the images created later by Ganelin, there are many military people. In the action movie "Situation 202" he played Lieutenant Colonel Chibis, in the drama "Military Intelligence: Western Front" he got the role of Captain Samartsev. In 2005, Eugene played a lieutenant colonel of counterintelligence in the series "Sea Devils". Ganelin was also involved in the "Secrets of Investigation 9" project.

Personal life of Evgeny Ganelin

Evgeny Rafailovich is married. His wife Julia is not related to the film industry. However, the spouse is sympathetic to the husband's lifestyle, which often disappears all day on the set. Julia humorously perceives the notes in the yellow press, where her husband is credited with having affairs with young actresses. She trusts Eugene.

Ganelin has a son, Alexander, who did not listen to his father's advice and followed in his footsteps, deciding to become a real actor.

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