Brazilian TV Series 90s

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Brazilian TV Series 90s
Brazilian TV Series 90s

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Brazilian dramas are an integral part of the culture of the 90s. A large number of pictures, shown one after another without interruption, made them practically one endless melodrama in the minds of people.

Brazilian TV series 90s
Brazilian TV series 90s

In the 90s, the impact of various Brazilian production love series was incredible. A great variety of stories, the plot of which each time unrolled in a peculiar way.

The rating of Brazilian TV shows was colossal, and even those who are not at all interested in spending time like this still remember the famous slave Izaura and just Maria.

The popularity of South American dramas can be easily explained. In Russia, the 90s were a turbulent time, and romantic stories made it possible to forget about the daily hardships of perestroika at least for a while. And the broadcast time was convenient, right after the evening and morning news broadcasts.

Rating of Brazilian TV series

There were quite a few Brazilian TV series premieres. Not many will be able to recall the names, but some of the plots were remembered, and I want to revise the whole story from beginning to end.

There is a certain rating for the melodramas of that time. The tenth place in the list is occupied by the very first series that hit Russian television screens in 1988, "Slave Izaura". The plot made the whole country worry about the main character and the director was in for incredible success. Today the picture would be too pretentious or naive.

Further, the level of the rating is occupied by the story of Tropicanka with more intricate adventures, as well as the continuation of the melodrama. The series "New Victim" rises even higher, in which, in addition to love intrigues, a detective story with a series of unexplained murders is already taking place. The number of viewers increased noticeably, and in addition to women, men also watched the film.

The most popular melodramas

Place at number three goes to the series "Cruel Angel", 1997. This was the story of Cinderella, and fairy tales, as you know, are loved by both children and adults.

The leader of the dozens of the most popular TV series rightfully becomes "Clone", released in 2001.

The series "Clone" is an amazing love story that has already taken place in the modern world, was understandable and close to spectators of all ages.

Many tried to resemble the main characters in some way. The continuation of the story also did not go unnoticed by the fans. The plot unfolds more and more interestingly and a detective line appears.

And today, Brazilian TV shows appear on domestic screens, but to a much lesser extent. The fact is that domestic cinema is developing, and no less popular films and TV series are released that resonate in the souls of people.

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