Vladislav Dvorzhetsky: Biography, Personal Life, Filmography

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Vladislav Dvorzhetsky: Biography, Personal Life, Filmography
Vladislav Dvorzhetsky: Biography, Personal Life, Filmography

Video: Vladislav Dvorzhetsky: Biography, Personal Life, Filmography

Video: Vladislav Dvorzhetsky: Biography, Personal Life, Filmography
Video: Vladislav Dvorzhetsky Movies list Vladislav Dvorzhetsky| Filmography of Vladislav Dvorzhetsky 2023, June

An extraordinary personality and talented film actor - Vladislav Dvorzhetsky - was remembered in the history of Russian cinema for his title films in films: Solaris, Sannikov Land, Captain Nemo, Meeting on the Distant Meridian and others. His mesmerizing eyes and the brooding face of a man who knows everything, still have a magical effect on moviegoers of all generations.

gaze penetrating and comprehending the essence
gaze penetrating and comprehending the essence

The popular Soviet actor Vladislav Dvorzhetsky, in the course of his short but very bright creative life, managed to be noted by more than one dozen films in the title projects of famous directors of the country. His extraordinary appearance, natural talent and enormous capacity for work made it possible to create many cinematic masterpieces in a very short period of time.

Brief biography and filmography of Vladislav Dvorzhetsky

The future famous actor of Russian cinema was born in Omsk on April 26, 1939 into an artistic family (father - Polish actor Vaclav Dvorzhetsky, mother - ballerina Taisiya Ray). The arrest of his father in 1941 under a political article had a very serious impact on Vladislav's hungry childhood. But, despite the fact that in 1946 the parents officially divorced, the son subsequently did not lose touch with his father.

In the "fifties" the boy moved to Saratov, where at that time his father was staying with his new family, and graduated from high school there. In 1956, Dvorzhetsky Jr. returned to Omsk to study at a medical school. And then there was the receipt in 1959 of a diploma from this institution, urgent service on Sakhalin and training in the studio of the Omsk Children's Theater.

After receiving a theatrical education in 1965, our hero went on the stage for some time to perform episodic roles, but in time he realized that his real vocation was still cinema. It was the assistant director at Mosfilm, Natalya Koreneva, struck by Vladislav's “alien” gaze, who became his ticket to the world of cinema.

The debut in the movie novel "Running" based on M. Bulgakov and the detective film "The Return of St. Luke" in 1970 make Vladislav an allied movie star. From that moment on, his filmography was rapidly replenished with new film works, among which I would especially like to note the following: "Solaris" (1972), "No Return" (1973), "Memories" (1973), "Beyond the Clouds - the Sky" (1973), "Sannikov Land" (1973), "Open Book" (1973), "Until the Last Minute" (1974), "The Only Road" (1975), "Over the Horizon" (1975), "Captain Nemo" (1976), "The Legend of Til" (1977), "Yulia Vrevskaya" (1977), "Meeting on the distant meridian" (1978), "Classmates" (1978).

The very tough work regime of the artist on the set led to two heart attacks and acute heart failure, which, in the end, became the cause of his death on May 28, 1978.

Personal life of the artist

Four spouses and three children - this is the result of the family life of a popular Soviet film actor. The first wife of Vladislav was Albina, whom he met after military service on Sakhalin. She gave birth to a son, Alexander, but because of her husband's betrayal, she became the reason for their breakup and Dvorzhetsky's return to Omsk.

The second wife, Svetlana, gave birth to a daughter, working with Vladislav as part of a theater group.

The third wife Irina (fashion model) also could not keep her beloved husband near her for a long time, but gave birth to his son.

Vladislav lived with his last wife Natalia for only a year and a half. It was this marriage that remained in eternity, because the disease took the life of a movie star at the peak of his career and popularity at the age of thirty-nine.

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