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Who Is A Freak
Who Is A Freak

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The word "freak" came into Russian from English. They usually refer to a person who behaves strange, atypical and somewhat demonstrative. Freak culture is a way to express yourself outside the standards imposed by society.

Who is a freak
Who is a freak

Don't judge a book by its cover

The word "freak" has become a part of the modern youth lexicon. Some time ago, it was more of a negative characteristic, but in recent years it has become a rather neutral definition of an unusual person who does not fit into the framework of stereotypes. Modern freedom of expression sometimes leads to very peculiar external ways to declare oneself. Elderly people often refer to freaks as urban lunatics.

Frequently, actors, musicians, and artists are categorized as freaks. They prefer unusual hairstyles, such as dreadlocks, and proudly wear tattoos and piercings. Freaks do not follow fashion trends in clothes, preferring something bright and unusual. Freak culture is increasingly spreading throughout the modern world, there are specialized shops, clubs, restaurants.

Unfortunately, in modern society there is still a tradition to evaluate a person by his appearance. Therefore, there is a stereotype that such peculiar people cannot adequately raise children. Although quite often, under an aggressive or atypical appearance, a completely gentle person can be hidden, who simply knows how to look "not like everyone else", which in no way can characterize his personal (and parental) qualities.

Freaks are not dangerous to society

If we talk about how freaks differ from other modern "psychos", it should be noted that they are not at all dangerous for the people around them. They are not characterized by aggressive actions and actions, they do not assert themselves at the expense of other people. Most often, they behave a little exalted, wear strange outfits, recite complex texts with complex associative chains, and are prone to long "abstruse" discussions.

This lifestyle can be outraged by fans of more traditional values. Perhaps that is why the word "freak" received an additional negative meaning - this is how schizophrenics and transvestites are called.

In general, modern society is neutral towards freaks (as long as we are not talking about children). It should be noted that the main freak of the twentieth century can be called Salvador Dali, whose eccentricity was a part of life, going beyond creativity. Salvador dali evoked a variety of feelings in contemporary society - from delight to horror. Now the main modern freak can be called Lady Gaga.

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