How To Treat People With Respect

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How To Treat People With Respect
How To Treat People With Respect

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Is it possible to live without respect for people? Yes, but such a life is unlikely to be happy. Respect for others is a prerequisite for a normal life in society. Feeling that you do not put them in anything, people will keep away from you, you will find yourself alone. If you realize that you lack respect for people, this quality will have to be learned.

How to treat people with respect
How to treat people with respect


Step 1

Start changing your attitude towards people by stopping thinking badly of them. Do not look for their flaws - on the contrary, try to see something good in others. At the same time, you do not need to be hypocritical, to pretend hospitality and sympathy, which you really do not experience. People will subconsciously feel your lies, so nothing good will come of it.

Step 2

Lack of respect is often accompanied by feelings of indifference. If you don't care what happens to a person, what he thinks about and how he lives, it will be difficult for you to learn to respect him - if only because you do not know anything about him. Respect for something - that is, for some qualities, achievements. When you meet a person, try to show interest in him. Try to understand who your interlocutor is, what interests him. Feeling a benevolent interest in him, a person will open up, reach out to meet you.

Step 3

A sincere interest in people is the key to developing good relationships with them. The better you get to know a person, the more reasons you will have to respect him. At the same time, it is important to notice exactly his good features and not pay attention to the negative ones. Assume that every person, including you, has some flaws. Understand these shortcomings, but never judge anyone for them.

Step 4

One of the reasons for the lack of respect for people is their own pride, forcing them to exalt themselves and not put other people into anything. If you consider them to be worse than yourself, this is a warning sign. The correct approach is to see the differences between people, but not make these differences a criterion for dividing others into those who are worse or better than you. Recognize the merits of people, be able to see their shortcomings. But at the same time, treat them as your equals. This approach will allow you to talk with the beggar and the president equally respectfully, on an equal footing.

Step 5

One more conclusion can be drawn from the previous point - do not despise yourself. If you have this trait, get rid of it. Do not rush to extremes, treat everyone, including yourself, equally evenly. Do not look at anyone with envy and reverence, but also do not allow anyone to be contemptuous. This will allow you to treat people better, as the habit of evaluating and comparing will disappear. You will not feel inferior or superior to the other person, which will have the most positive effect on your relationships with others.

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