Voevodin Alexey Mikhailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Voevodin Alexey Mikhailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Voevodin Alexey Mikhailovich: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Extremism and terrorism are considered the most dangerous threats to stability in civilized countries. Political scientists and sociologists are vying with each other to search for the causes of these phenomena. And law enforcement agencies are waging a feasible fight against this phenomenon. Alexey Voevodin, the leader of one of the terrorist organizations, is serving a life sentence.

Alexey Voevodin
Alexey Voevodin

The origins of extremism

At the beginning of the dashing 90s of the last century, ideology of any kind was banned at the legislative level in the Russian state. As a result of such a ban, the younger generation cannot find guidelines for their development, for their future. Alexey Mikhailovich Voevodin independently found a fulcrum for himself. This support was the ideology of nationalism. He saw the culprit in all his problems and failures in the people who came to the city on the Neva from Asia, Africa and the Caucasus.

Alexey Voevodin was born on December 8, 1984. An ordinary Soviet family lived in Leningrad. My father worked in an industrial enterprise. Mother is in a garment factory. The parents were preparing the child for an independent life. The boy grew up physically developed. I studied well at school. To get a demanded profession, Voevodin entered a mechanical engineering college. It was at this time that the country was transitioning to the capitalist path of existence. Soviet citizens did not yet know how hired workers live in "civilized" countries.

Extremist activity

At sixteen, Alexei goggled at how factories were closed and trading floors opened in the city of labor glory. The famous Leningrad turned into a stale St. Petersburg, in which bandits and guests from all over the world began to dominate. Voevodin, by virtue of his understanding, understood how to fight for his living space. The student did not receive an education, since he was expelled from the technical school for absences. And when was the time to study, if every evening a brigade of "jocks" patrolled the streets and avenues.

In fact, the patrol was reduced to the fact that an organized group led by Voevodin beat passers-by who differed from the Russian people in skin color. This struggle took on more and more violent forms. The "Combat Terrorist Organization" is armed with brass knuckles, knives and firearms. A series of murders, committed with extreme brutality, shocked Peter. For a long time, the operatives could not determine whose "creativity" it was. But the ending was logical. In the spring of 2006, Vojvodin was detained for the murder of a visitor from Senegal.

The private side of fate

In a short biography of Voevodin, it is said that in relations with others he was calm and benevolent. In life, a career as a foreman or a foreman at a construction site would suit him. The restructuring and breaking of the usual way of life brought Alexei to the dock. It is important to note that the defendant and his accomplices did not consider themselves guilty. Moreover, they frankly talked about all their atrocities. The investigation lasted more than three years. The court sentenced Voevodin to life imprisonment.

It is not very correct to speak about a prisoner's personal life. It is known that he is married. The husband and wife did not live together for long. They had a son. The wife, despite the harsh sentence, continues to claim that she has love with Alexei forever.

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