Floods, Fires, Earthquakes - The End Of The World Is Near

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Floods, Fires, Earthquakes - The End Of The World Is Near
Floods, Fires, Earthquakes - The End Of The World Is Near

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Abnormal heat, unprecedented floods, devastating tsunamis are just a small part of what has become the harsh reality of the modern world. Disaster researchers note that anomalies have become more frequent over the past 10-15 years across the globe. Increasingly, fatalists talk about the approaching end times.

Floods, fires, earthquakes - the end of the world is near
Floods, fires, earthquakes - the end of the world is near

Chronicle of disasters

2004 - A powerful tsunami hits the shores of Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The consequences of the disaster - colossal destruction, more than 250 thousand dead and missing.

2005 - Hurricane Katrina destroyed the flourishing multi-million dollar American town of New Orleans. Like Plato's Atlantis, the city ceased to exist in one terrible day.

2006 - large-scale earthquakes in Kamchatka with magnitude 9, 0 and 7, 8 forced to reconsider the technology of construction of houses and office buildings in this region. In the period from 2000 to 2006. the strongest earthquakes killed about 500,000 people.

2007 - drought and a terrible ecological disaster on the African and Australian continents. Hurricane Felix, ranked top 5, destroyed thousands of homes in Nicaragua.

In 2007, the UN Security Council urgently convened a conference on global climate change. This unprecedented event signals that climate change has reached alarming proportions.

2008 - a colossal earthquake in the Chinese province of Sichuan with a magnitude of 8 killed 69 thousand people, about 20 thousand were missing. It was the strongest earthquake of the 20th century in China.

2010 - abnormal heat in the Russian Federation provoked numerous forest fires, residential buildings and peat bogs. In some cities, people had to flee from the suffocating smoke by temporary relocation.

2011 - the earthquake in Japan with a magnitude of 9, 1 was the strongest in the history of the land of the rising sun. The earthquake and tsunami caused the accident at the Fokushima nuclear power plant, which almost became the second Chernobyl.

2011-2012 - a series of floods in Thailand. The number of victims has exceeded 13 million. In some provinces, an environmental disaster has triggered an outbreak of infectious disease epidemics.

Doomsday predictions

All this is just a small fraction of what has been happening on Earth in the past few years. Massive suicides of whales and dolphins, changes in the migration routes of some species of fish and birds indicate that the planet Earth is on the verge of global changes. Every year the number of temperature records, strongest typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis is growing steadily. Willy-nilly, ordinary people remember the predictions of John the Theologian, Nostradamus, Vanga, Edgar Cayce and other seers about the end times.

“But no one knows about that day and hour, only My Father” - Gospel of Matthew 24: 36

Leaders of world religions urge parishioners not to panic, but to turn their attention to the spiritual component of modern life. Scientists, on the other hand, suggest treating prophecies as weather forecasts. Nevertheless, disasters occurring everywhere make you think: there is an increase in solar activity, melting of polar ice, displacement of magnetic poles, flooding of some coastal areas. The reasons for this can be very different, among others, the anthropogenic factor, the natural periodic renewal of the planet and the influence of the Sun are sounded. Which version is correct is still a mystery.

Humanity has already experienced terrible catastrophes in earlier times. These events are narrated by the legends of the peoples of India, China, the indigenous American population, and island states. But the most famous source is the Old Testament - the legend of the Great Flood.It remains to be hoped that people have taken into account the experience of past generations and the coming cataclysms, although they will change the geographical and political map of the world, but still give a person another chance to rebuild the world.

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