How To Create A News Feed

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How To Create A News Feed
How To Create A News Feed

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The news feed allows users to follow site updates. With the help of this script, the latest news of the project is displayed, which helps to keep regular visitors informed of all the improvements in the project.

How to create a news feed
How to create a news feed


Step 1

Start writing your newsfeed script with planning. Draw a table in which you will indicate all the functions of the future script. In addition to the implementation of standard features and the integration of the admin panel (or integration with the site admin panel, if we are talking about CMS), you can create the ability to comment on entries by users, the ability to edit and a rating system.

Step 2

Describe in detail each of the described functions and think about the possibility of technical implementation. Decide how you will store all the recorded data, whether you will use the database. Schedule responsibilities for each of the script files (for example, create.php will be responsible for creating news, and show.php will be responsible for displaying them).

Step 3

Download scripts of well-known feeds and view their functionality. Pay attention to the way the functionality is implemented, try to find out all the pros and cons of the methods used by another programmer. Do not copy someone else's code, try to write the program yourself, otherwise you will not only create a similar script, but also repeat all the mistakes of another programmer.

Step 4

Start writing the main part of the script. Organize the news feed system first, then program the output system. Create an admin panel with the most secure login possible. Always keep your admin password encrypted using md5 or other encryption methods.

Step 5

Once you've verified that the main part works, start programming additional features such as commenting or grading. Don't forget to implement the ability to delete records.

Step 6

Test the entire script. Ask your friends to look for weak points in the news feed, evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages. After testing is completed, install the program on the site.

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