How To Create A Public Organization

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How To Create A Public Organization
How To Create A Public Organization

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If you found your calling in community service, you may have thought about starting a community organization. This is a responsible and serious step, both in relation to a career in particular, and changing life in general. If the decision on registration has been made finally, take action.

How to create a public organization
How to create a public organization

It is necessary

standard package of documents for registration, website


Step 1

Registration rules For the registration of public associations, a package of documents is required, namely: the Charter, the minutes of the general meeting of founders, an application for registration, including information about the governing body, information about the founders-initiators of the creation of the NCO, regulations on branches (if any), a receipt for payment of the registration collection. The listed documents are submitted in duplicate to the territorial administration of the Ministry of Justice. Registration may take one month or more. Modern legislation makes the registration of a public organization rather problematic. In order to make it easier for yourself, you can register an ANO - an autonomous non-profit organization. Such organizations are registered in the standard way, like individual entrepreneurs and LLCs, and the registration process takes only a week.

Step 2

Nice name The name of the organization should be clear, easy to hear, not too long and positive. When choosing a name, do not focus on what type of activity you are going to engage in - life may turn out so that the activity may change, but the name will remain the same. It is better to indicate in the name of the organization its territorial reference, for example, associate it with the name of the hometown or region.

Step 3

Activities should be to your liking Our society is subject to a myriad of social problems. When choosing the direction you are going to pursue, it makes sense to take into account your professional knowledge, experience, skills, as well as what you have a heart for.

Step 4

Goals and Objectives After you have chosen the direction of the organization, write down the goals and objectives that it is designed to solve, as well as with what tools you are going to do it.

Step 5

Public relations, work with the press This is a very important point in the formation of the organization and in the future attitude of society towards it. Work with the press regularly and in a friendly way, remember that a journalist can be both a reliable assistant and a stumbling block to successful development. Be honest and positive with the press and with the public and your organisation's reputation will be your main pillar of success.

Step 6

The site of the organization The presence of a site is a prerequisite for modern public figures. Let it be a small resource, but it should be informative and constantly updated, especially in the "News" and "Information for the press" sections.

Step 7

Employees and like-minded people At the beginning of the formation and development of the organization, the main assistants in the work will be your like-minded people who understand the importance of this work and are well aware of the essence of the problems being solved. But with the development of the organization and the increase in the volume of work, the help of friends and associates will no longer be enough. Engage journalists, lawyers, young professionals (practice may be useful for them), public figures, well-known and respected residents of your city.

Step 8

Funding Look for sponsors. Do not try to immediately request large sums - your organization must first earn a stable positive reputation, a name with which useful deeds will be associated, socially significant actions and facts of concrete assistance.Patrons and sponsors will be more willing to financially support the activities of your organization if they see that this brings them socially significant dividends and positively affects their image.

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