How To Create A Family Pedigree

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How To Create A Family Pedigree
How To Create A Family Pedigree

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Everyone has their own reason for studying family history, but whatever those reasons are, the questions always arise: “Where do you start? How can you create your own pedigree? " Let's dwell on the key points that you need to pay attention to if you want to create your own family tree.

How to create a family pedigree
How to create a family pedigree


Step 1

Decide whether you will compile a family tree yourself or resort to the help of specialists.

Step 2

If you decide to study the history of your family on your own, get ready for the following difficulties: you will need not only to interview your relatives yourself, but also to work independently in the archives and, accordingly, analyze the data, draw up all the collected materials. This is painstaking and meticulous work that requires a lot of time and patience.

Step 3

You will not face these problems if you decide to contact a specialist. But you will face financial issues. Services of firms and private genealogists are not cheap. In addition, there is a possibility of encountering scammers.

Step 4

Try using a mixed family tree approach. In this case, you will collect available information and turn to the services of specialists only to search for inaccessible, but necessary data. When finalizing the family tree, you use your own resources, or, again, contact the specialists.

This method is good because specialists will be able to work with those materials that you cannot work with, for various reasons, for example, you do not have time, or the archives are at a great distance. And the services of genealogists will be cheaper, since you yourself will get most of the information.

Step 5

Whichever method you choose, remember that building a family tree is very difficult and expensive. Even if you will not pay for the work of a specialist, but will collect information yourself, get ready to part with the money, because all archives respond to genealogical inquiries in the order of performing paid services.

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