How To Refuse A Gift

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How To Refuse A Gift
How To Refuse A Gift

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Gifts are given not only for the holidays, but also just like that, at will. Many people like to choose and give different cute little things more than receive them. But there are times when the gift presented to you does not make you happy or somehow forces you to be obliged to the giver. It is better to refuse such presents politely and tactfully.

How to refuse at
How to refuse at


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Giving a presentation sometimes resembles a bribe, since the person clearly wants to receive in return some kind of service or help from you in a delicate matter. Refuse an expensive gift if an unfamiliar person tries to give it to you.

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If you are superstitious and it is unpleasant and uncomfortable for you when they brought you a mirror or a watch as a gift, honestly tell the guest that it is better to leave this thing for himself, and you are pleased to communicate with him in any case and without a presentation.

Step 3

It happens that a person tries to return or win your favor or forgiveness with the help of an expensive thing. In this case, you need to decide if you want to continue communicating with the donor. If he is pleasant to you, accept the present and thank the person. If you are determined not to communicate with this individual anymore, firmly refuse the gift.

Step 4

In any case, you need to thank the person who fussed around and bought a present. It is imperative that you justify your refusal so that the donor is not offended. According to the rules of etiquette, the reasons for refusing a presentation can be: - a very high price; - a holiday or event did not take place (a canceled wedding, for example); - a gift is a way of reconciliation, but you have not forgotten the grievance against the donor; - the present was brought by an unwanted and uninvited guest; - accepting a gift involves chores that you cannot take on yourself, for example, when you are presented with animals, plants, an aquarium.

Step 5

If you are a woman and an obsessive admirer floods you with bouquets and cakes, stop the flow of gifts before it's too late. After all, the more you accept things from an unwanted man, the more obligated you feel.

Step 6

There will be nothing terrible if you give up the very dubious pleasure of jumping with a parachute or a bungee. The giver of such an adventure must understand that not all people can take pleasure in taking risks.

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