How To Issue A Telegram

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How To Issue A Telegram
How To Issue A Telegram

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A telegram is a text message sent using telegraphic communications. Despite the emergence of electronic means of transmitting information, the telegram continues to be used under certain circumstances.

How to issue a telegram
How to issue a telegram


Step 1

In order for the telegram to be delivered on time, it is necessary to know the specifics of its filling. The telegram must contain the following details: - service title; - indication of the category ("out of category", "extraordinary", "urgent", "higher government", etc.); - mark about the type of telegram ("with notification "," On children's artistic letterhead ", etc.); - telegraphic address of the recipient; - text; - signature; - address, name of the sender (under the line) - registration number of the telegram and the date of its registration.

Step 2

If you need to send a telegram, select its category and type. Mark them on the form given by the post office clerk. Fill in the "Recipient's address" field. Write in capital letters of the Russian language and be sure to indicate the exact address of the recipient. Fill in the fields legibly: this will speed up the delivery of the telegram.

Step 3

Write the text of the message on one side of the sheet in block letters at 2 intervals (usually this is indicated on the letterheads of telegrams). In this case, paragraph indentation is allowed only at the beginning of the text. Make a double space between words. Try to write text without prepositions, punctuation marks and conjunctions. If punctuation marks are necessary for the correct understanding of the text, designate them with conventional abbreviations: comma - zpt, dot - pt, - dtch, brackets - skb, quotes - kvh. Use words to write only signs such as "minus", "plus", "exclamation mark", "number", etc.

Step 4

As soon as you finish writing the text of the message, note the date of its writing. Designate it with Arabic numerals in the sequence: day, month, year. Do not put a space between numbers. To put or not to put a signature - this question is at your discretion.

Step 5

At the bottom of the telegram write your name and address. Instead of the address, you can indicate your phone number or put a "passing" mark. These data are not included in the paid part of the telegram. If you want them to be transmitted to the sender, include them in the text of the telegram.

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