Where To Write To Putin

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Where To Write To Putin
Where To Write To Putin

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Some problems or issues seem so important and complex that, in the opinion of people, only the first person in the country, the president, can solve them. What should be done to draw the attention of the President of the Russian Federation to this or that situation? The easiest way is to write a letter.

Where to write to Putin
Where to write to Putin


Step 1

There are several ways to write and send a letter with a complaint or a description of the problem to the country's President Vladimir Putin. The easiest and fastest way to deliver your message is via the Internet. The Kremlin's official website contains a detailed description of the requirements for the content and design of the letter, as well as special forms for sending letters, complaints or information about cases of corruption.

Step 2

Please note that before sending an appeal in electronic form, you will need to fill out a special form on the website, where you will need to indicate your name, surname, email address, and also come up with a password to access your personal account. In your personal account, you can follow the progress of your appeal.

Step 3

There are certain rules and restrictions regarding the design and content of the letter. For example, your letter will not be considered if it is not addressed personally to the president or his administration, if you used Caps lock, if it contains obscene words or insults. In addition, the text should not exceed two thousand characters. In addition, no more than one text, sound or video file can be attached to the letter. Finally, it should be borne in mind that the presidential administration and Vladimir Putin himself cannot influence court decisions.

Step 4

In the absence of the opportunity to use electronic appeal, the letter can also be written on paper, but, of course, it will take longer. The president's address for regular mail: 103132, Moscow, Russia, st. Ilyinka, 23.

Step 5

The response to your appeal can be delivered to you in one of several ways of your choice, either in electronic format to the email address that you indicated during registration, or by mail, if you provided your mailing address.

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